Oh Crap! How Do You Clean Dried Up Poop From The Floor


Oh Crap! How Do You Clean Dried Up Poop From The Floor

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The Smelly Surprise of Dried Poop

You walk into the room and an all-too-familiar stench hits your nostrils. Your eyes dart around, looking for the source, until you spot it – a dried, crusted stain on the floor that can only be one thing: poop.

Dried poop on the floor is the absolute worst. It’s smelly, unsanitary, and just plain gross. But not to worry – with the right techniques and products, you can get dried poop cleaned up and your floors back to their former glory.

The key is taking action as soon as possible, before that poop really has a chance to settle in. The longer it sits there, the harder it will be to remove, so it’s best to deal with it right away.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the foolproof process for how to clean dried poop off floors. With a little elbow grease and patience, you’ll have that nasty stain out in no time.

Say bye-bye to the smell and mess of dried poop! Your floors will be fresh, clean, and most importantly…poop-free!

Gear Up with the Right Poop-Cleaning Supplies

Before you can start scrubbing away at that dried poop, you need to gather the right cleaning supplies. Having the proper tools and products at the ready will make the process much easier. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Old rags or paper towels – These will be used for soaking up cleaner and wiping away poop residue. You probably don’t want to use your nice bath towels for this messy job.
  • Disposable gloves – Protect your hands from germs and grossness. Poop cleanup can be a dirty job.
  • Spatula or putty knife – Useful for gently scraping and dislodging stuck-on poop chunks.
  • Spray bottle with a water and vinegar solution – The mild acidity in vinegar helps cut through poop stains. Enzyme cleaner is also effective.
  • Disinfecting wipes or spray – Kill germs and bacteria after the poop is removed.
  • Trash bag – For discarding soiled rags, paper towels, gloves, and scraped off poop pieces.
  • Old towel or rags – Lay them out around the poop stain to protect your floors from dripping cleaner.

Arm yourself with these supplies and you’ll be ready to roll up your sleeves and get scrubbing. Having the right tools makes this crappy chore a little less crappy.

Get Ready for Battle – Prepare the Poop Zone

Now that you’ve assembled your poop-cleaning arsenal, it’s time to set up the “poop zone”.
This involves prepping the area around the dried poop stain to make cleaning easier.

First, clear out the area, moving any furniture or items away from the stain. This gives you room to work. Place an old towel or rag around and under the poop stain. This will protect your floors from the cleaning solutions you’ll be applying.

Next, have your cleaning supplies at the ready – spray bottle filled with water/vinegar solution, putty knife, disposable gloves, paper towels, trash bag, etc. Set them nearby so you can easily grab them as needed.

If the poop stain is especially large or there are multiple stains, work on one area at a time. Apply cleaner, let it soak in, then wipe.

Repeat this process until you’ve tackled the whole mess.

Now the poop zone is prepped and you’re ready to get cleaning!

Like an operating room, keep the area clear and have your “poop surgery” tools available. Don your gloves and let’s get this crap cleaned up!

Scrape Away the Initial Dried Poop

Now comes the less-than-glamorous part: it’s time to get scraping! Using a gloved hand or your trusty putty knife, you’ll want to gently scrape away at the dried poop stain to remove any chunks or pieces that have hardened.

Work slowly and carefully around the edges first, loosening up the hardened poop. Try to lift it off in whole pieces if possible.

Little crumbs will just make more of a mess.As you dislodge pieces of dried poop, immediately discard them into the trash bag.

We don’t want bits of old poop flying around.

That’s how you end up finding poop chunks weeks later stuck to the bottom of your shoe shudder.

Scraping off the bulk of the dried poop debris first makes it easier to then tackle the remaining stain. Just be gentle so you don’t end up crumbling the poop into tiny fragments.

It can be tempting to just start scrubbing away, but trust us, scraping is an important first step for dried poop. So take your time and slowly lift off those nasty nuggets. Your floors will thank you!

Time to Soak! Loosen the Remaining Stain

Once you’ve scraped away those pesky poop chunks, it’s time to soak the remaining stain. This will soften and rehydrate the dried poop residue to make scrubbing easier.

Grab your spray bottle filled with the water and vinegar (or enzyme cleaner) solution. Liberally spray the stain, making sure to completely saturate the area.

You want the poop stain swimming in cleaner.

Let this soak in for 5-10 minutes.As the cleaner sits, you’ll notice the poop stain rehydrating and loosening up.

You may even see some hidden poop chunks emerge as they absorb the liquid. Use your putty knife or spatula to gently scrape these off and discard.

After letting it soak, spray the area again if the stain appears to need more softening. The key is to get that hardened poop residue fully saturated so it lifts up with less effort.Patience pays off here.

Letting the cleaner do its work makes the upcoming scrubbing step much easier. So grab a coffee and let that crap soak!

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub – Attack That Stain!

Now comes the satisfying part – really getting in there and scrubbing that sucker out! With old rags, a scrub brush, or cleaning sponge in hand, start gently scrubbing the soaked poop stain.

Apply some muscle and use a circular scrubbing motion to help lift the stain from the floor.

Keep spraying on more cleaner solution and scrubbing until you see no more discoloration on the floor.

You’ll want to periodically rinse out your scrubbing rag or brush in clean water to prevent just spreading around poop residue rather than lifting it. And remember to keep reapplying cleaner and scrubbing until it’s all gone.

Getting on your hands and knees and putting some force into it helps get out stubborn dried poop stains.

Just try not to inhale too deeply…the lingering poop smell isn’t exactly aromatherapy.

But take heart knowing all your soaking and scrubbing is paying off. You’re getting there – that nasty poop stain doesn’t stand a chance!

Disinfect for a Poop-Free Floor

Hooray, the poop stain is history! Now you just need to kill off any leftover germs and bacteria for a fully disinfected floor.Grab some disinfecting wipes or a spray disinfectant. Thoroughly wipe down the area you cleaned to sanitize the floor.

This helps eliminate any lingering bacteria or pathogens left behind from the poop.Be sure to let the disinfected area air dry fully.

This ensures any germ-killing agents in the disinfectant have time to work their magic.

You can also give the spot an extra wipe down with clean water after to remove any chemical residue from cleaners.

Disinfecting is an important last step for a completely clean floor.Once dry, your floor is ready for bare feet again!

It’s poop-free, disinfected, and back to its former glory. Just try to avoid any future poop stains by cleaning it up promptly. Time for a standing ovation – you tackled that dried poop stain head-on and won!

Hopefully this arsenal of poop-busting wisdom empowers you to handle this crappy chore like a pro. You’ve got this!

Don’t Let it Happen Again! Poop Stain Prevention Tips

Now that you know how to take on dried poop stains, it’s best to try and prevent them in the first place.

Here are some tips to avoid finding crusty, dried poop on your floors again:

  • Clean up fresh poop ASAP – Don’t let it sit and dry. Immediately soak up moisture with rags or paper towels.
  • Rinse the area well – Once poop is cleaned, rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry fully. This prevents staining.
  • Use absorbent mats or pads – These can help instantly soak up any “accidents” and contain the mess.
  • Train pets to poop in acceptable areas – Take them outside or to litter boxes regularly to avoid surprises.
  • Act quickly on diarrhea – Watery poop can rapidly spread and seep into floors. Clean up right away.
  • Watch for signs of illness – Diarrhea or loose stool necessitates more frequent floor checks.
  • Seal and protect floors – Waxing and sealing tiles or wood makes stains less likely to set in.

With vigilance and prompt cleaning, those unpleasant dried poop stains can be a thing of the past. Don’t put up with crap – keep your floors fresh!

Don’t Let Poop Get the Best of You!

As unpleasant as dried poop stains may be, they don’t have to be a match for you anymore. Now that you’re armed with the right techniques and products, you can feel empowered to tackle this crappy chore.

The key is acting fast as soon as you notice dried poop. Scrape, soak, scrub, and disinfect – these are the steps to poop-free floors. Have the right tools handy and get scrubbing.

While prevention is ideal, even set-in dried poop stains can be conquered with some diligence. So grab your gloves, turn up some tunes, and get ready to make that poop stain history!

With the foolproof advice in this article, you can wave goodbye to unsanly dried poop on your floors.

Here’s to clean floors and breathing easy again without that lingering stench. You’ve got this! It’s just poop after all – show it who’s boss.


What is the best cleaner for dried poop stains?

Enzymatic cleaners work well since they help break down organic matter like poop. Baking soda and vinegar solutions also help deodorize and lift stains. Avoid bleach or harsh chemicals that may discolor floors.

How can I prevent my dog/cat from pooping on the floor?

Stick to a feeding and walking schedule so you can predict when they need to go. Use crate training and rewards to encourage using the outdoors or litter box. Clean accidents with enzymatic cleaner to remove scent cues.

Why does poop stain floors?

Poop contains color compounds like bilirubin that can set into flooring fibers. Uric acid and fats also lead to staining. The longer poop sits, the more it bonds to the floor.

Is dried poop a health hazard?

Yes, poop can contain harmful pathogens like E.coli, Salmonella, etc. Dried poop allows bacteria to persist. Disinfecting the area is important to prevent spreading illness.

How do I get old or set-in poop stains out?

For tough, older stains, try an overnight soak with an enzymatic cleaner. You may need to reapply cleaner and scrub repeatedly. If stains persist, seek professional carpet or floor cleaning.

What home remedies work on dried poop?

Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and enzymatic cleaners like Nature’s Miracle are common homemade solutions. Hot water and some elbow grease still does the trick too.