How to Train a Feral Dog


how to train a feral dog

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Dogs are known as man’s best friends for a reason. They are loyal, loving, and make great companions. However, what happens when you find a dog living on the streets? What if it is a feral dog? Feral dogs have been abandoned or have run away from home and have not had any contact with humans. They can be difficult to tame and train, but it is possible with patience and perseverance. This blog post will discuss how to train a feral dog. Stay tuned!

how to train a feral dog

It is important to train feral dogs because they can become vicious and dangerous if they are not taught how to behave around humans. They may also be difficult to adopt out if they are not properly trained. By training a feral dog, you are giving them a second chance at life and helping to ensure that they will be safe and well-behaved members of society.

Methods to Follow on How to Train a Feral Dog

Method 1: Food Treats for Training

There are many different ways to train dogs, but food treats can be an effective way to start. It is important to ensure that the dog trusts you enough to eat out of your hand before moving on to other training methods. By using food, dogs will learn to follow basic commands like sitting and lying down. Food can be phased out with enough training, and dogs will continue to obey without them.

How to Do it:

Step 1: Get the dog used to you

If you are working with a feral dog that is afraid of humans, it will be important to spend some time getting them used to your presence. In the beginning, it may be best for this process to take place in a fenced-in area where there isn’t as much space for the dog to run away. Also, the dog should be on a leash for this stage of training.

Step 2: Gain Trust

After the dog is comfortable with you, it may be time to attempt feeding them. First, put some food in your hand and hold it close to them while making happy sounds like “Ooo’s” and “Ahh’s.” Next, allow them to eat out of your hand while holding the leash. Please do this for a few days until they are comfortable eating from your hand while you hold the leash.

A Feral Dog That Is Afraid of Humans

Step 3: Gain Respect

Once they are comfortable eating out of your hand, reward them every time before they eat by gently petting them on their head and saying “good boy/girl.” After a few days of this, they should begin to trust you enough not to be scared when you get closer. Next, try putting the leash on them while eating from your hand. If they seem agitated or distracted by it, take it off immediately.

Step 4: Teach Commands

Once used to the leash, teach them how to sit and lie down by gently pulling up on the leash. Give them a treat whenever they follow your command and say “good boy/girl.” Once they understand how to do these things while the leash is on, you can then begin training with it off. Repeat this process with different commands.

Method 2: Treats or Games as a Reward

Another good method how to train a feral dog is by using treats as a reward. Incorporate food with playing games, such as fetch, and they will quickly learn how to follow commands and respond when you call their name.

If the dog does not respond to the command, repeat it in a firm voice until they begin to understand how to follow them. Once they have mastered how to respond, try using only your words as a response instead of repeating the commands repeatedly.

Try Using Only Your Words

How to Do it:

Step 1: Gain Trust

The same way you did with the food method, make sure the dog trusts you enough to come near before training begins. By playing games and giving treats, it is more likely that they will learn how to respond positively. Try crouching down on the floor or sitting cross-legged while calling them over. If they are hesitant, keep trying until they come to you without fear.

Step 2: Gain Respect

Once they begin coming closer, try putting your hand out for them to smell while making happy noises like “Ooo’s” and “Ahh’s.” Do this a few times before finally allowing them to eat the treat out of your hand. Keep trying this until they begin coming over and eating out of your hand without hesitation.

Method 3: Clicker Training

Clicker training is a popular method used by many dog trainers how to train a feral dog. It involves using an object like a clicker (a small plastic box with metal inside that makes a clicking sound) or your finger to signal when they have done something correctly.

The method created in the early 1940s uses sound to signal the dog that they have done something right. Some form of treatment will follow the clicker, so the dog learns how to respond when they hear it. Every time you use the clicker, give them a treat while saying “good boy/girl.” This will help them learn how to link the two together more quickly.

Clicker Training Is a Popular

Step 1:  Gain Trust and Respect

Using the clicker to play games will make it easier for them to respond positively. Put the leash on and show them how excited you are by playing with them and giving treats. Once they understand how to follow commands while the leash is on, you can begin training them on how to respond when you take the leash off.

Step 2: Gain Attention

Now that they understand how to follow commands while the leash is on, begin using the clicker every time they obey what you tell them. Keep in mind how fast dogs can learn, so only use one or two words for each command and then give them a click and a treat to learn how to link the two. Be patient with how long it takes them to understand what you tell them, as this varies from dog to dog.

Step 3: Train Multiple Commands

Once they begin learning to respond quickly, try adding more commands like “stay” or “come.” Keep in mind how clicker training works, so do not use more than two words for each command. Keep repeating the process of how to gain their attention by using the clicker and running games until they can respond how you wish.

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 Train Multiple Commands

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Puppys Attention when He doesn’t Come to Me?

One way to get a puppy’s attention when he doesn’t come to you is to use a toy. Get down on the floor on your puppy’s level and show him the toy. If he doesn’t come over, try tossing the toy a short distance away and calling his name. If he still doesn’t come, the toy will try again later.

Why Does My Puppy Bite Me so Much?

Puppies bite for various reasons, such as teething, curiosity, or excitement. If your puppy is biting you frequently, there may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

First, consult with a veterinarian to rule out any medical problems. If there is no underlying medical issue, try to determine why your puppy is biting and address that issue. For example, if your puppy is biting out of excitement, work on teaching him how to control his impulses through positive reinforcement training.

What Is the Best Way to Train a Feral Dog?

A few different methods can be used to train a feral dog. The most popular methods include positive reinforcement, clicker training, and establishing a regular schedule. It is important to remember that each dog learns differently, so be patient and find what works best for your dog.

Should I Take Away Food from My Puppy when He Is Eating Too Fast or Too Much?

No, you should not take away food from your puppy when he is eating too fast or too much. This could lead to problems like malnourishment or obesity. Instead, work on training your puppy how to eat at a slower pace and how to stop when he is full. You can do this by using positive reinforcement methods like treats and praise.


There is a lot of information on how to train a feral dog, and it can be overwhelming. However, if you take your time and use positive reinforcement, you will successfully train your feral dog.

Remember to always be patient and consistent with your training, and soon you will have a well-behaved furry friend. Have you ever successfully trained a feral dog? Let us know how you did it in the comments below!