How To Stop Your Rottweiler From Shedding


How To Stop Your Rottweiler From Shedding

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Rottweiler is a kind of breed that contains double-layer coats. The top layer protects them from the moisture and dirt from the environment, and the soft undercoat maintains the balance of the temperature of their body. Many reasons cause a rottweiler to shed. We will give our best opinions to show the causes and stop your rottweiler from shedding.

How To Stop Your Rottweiler From Shedding

Reasons for shedding:

  • There are various reasons for the shedding of a rottweiler. Usually, it sheds throughout the whole year. In the hot weather, they shed their undercoats to balance heat, while in cold weather, they shed their overcoats, and its undercoat gets denser.
  • If your rottweiler is having some stress like scratching on the same place of its body several times, shifting into a new house, or an unhealthy environment, it may cause more shedding than usual. Not only that, if neighbors or other persons mistreat it, your rottweiler will face stress and will shed more than usual.
  • Every animal needs nutritious food to live. If the animals are not getting them properly, then their body will not work fine. Even changing into a new diet that contains fewer nutrients will affect the rottweiler to shed more than usual. Typically this shedding lasts around three weeks.
  • If the environment of the living place of the rottweiler is not right, then fleas may cause skin irritation. Fleas are very harmful to rottweiler as they feed on the blood and transmit diseases. If your rottweiler does not like the shampoo you are using to wash it, it may cause skin irritation as it will continuously scratch all over its body and increase the amount of shedding.
  • If the rottweiler has some medical issues like inappropriate behavior (not taking enough treats, always stays in a corner resting, unusual peeing), then it will shed a lot than usual.
  • Some issues cause abnormal shedding like pregnancy, hormonal issues, allergies, and so on. 

How to stop your rottweiler from shedding:

1. Stress Issues:

  • First, try to figure out what is causing your rottweiler the stress to avoid the stress issues.
  • If it is a new place, try to make it comfortable with that place. If it is an unhealthy environment, try to clean the site where the rottweiler mostly stays if possible.
  • If some persons mistreat, try keeping an eye on your rottweiler.

2. Proper Diets:

  • Proper diets bear a vital factor for rottweiler as they are strong dogs. Give the treat to your rottweiler that contains omega fatty acid. It will improve the coats, making them shiny, dealing with the moisture from the air. Otherwise, it will be dry, and shedding will occur due to the affection of the follicles.
  • Enhancing the immune system of the rottweiler will significantly impact the quality of coats. You can easily do that by adding some vitamin C and vitamin E contained treat to your dog’s diet. A great immune system will significantly deal with various skin issues and lessen the amount of shedding.
  • You can take the vet’s advice for Vitamin C, and E enriched treats for your dog. You may also try feeding carrots and apples as they contain the vitamins naturally. Fishes are also the right choice.
  • It would be helpful if you do not purchase dog treats. If it is not possible, try buying treats that contain anti-shedding properties.
  • Do not directly change the diets. Try mixing with the previous diet with the new anti-shedding properties diet as rottweilers’ stomach is sensitive.

3. Brushing or Bathe: 

  • It is one of the most helpful ways to remove shedding in a less amount of time. Usually, you need to brush once a week (when heavy shedding brush regularly) and bathe more than once a month.
  • Now, why is it helpful? It is useful because it will remove the loose fur from rottweilers’ coats and keep your house clean.
  • Try using a de-shedding brush to brush your rottweilers in time. It will make the furs’ orientation on a coat in good shape and make the oil over the coat spread equally. As a result, the hair of the coat will be more stable.
  • During heavy shedding bathing, every week is excellent for a rottweiler. It will make the coats more stable, lessening shedding. Always dry your rottweiler after bathing and use a slicker brush. The slicker brush will help to clear the loose fur after bathe. This method will renew the coat of your dog.
  • Forgiving a good looking to your dog, you can also use a hydrating spray on the coat.
  • You can also use shampoo for a bath. We recommend using natural shampoo, which you can buy from amazon or any pet store. It will remove the loose fur and dirt from the air. Be careful with that shampoo so that it does not reach the dog’s eyes, nose, or ears.

4. Keeping a Suitable Environment:

  • The most important part of keeping a good environment is to deal with the insects that harm your dog, like fleas. Here are some ways-
  • Try washing your dog’s bedding with hot water adding soap.
  • If the bedding is too old, try to get a new one. If possible, as the germs like to stay on old things.
  • Use some sprays that control fleas by having the instruction of a vet.
  • Keep the bedding in an environment that sunlight can easily pass through.

5. Medical issues:

  • If your dog is having some medical problems, it is best to consult with the vet to examine them closely and give the proper instructions.

Final Thoughts

It is also essential to know the time of heavy shedding of your rottweiler, as by knowing that you will be able to prepare your dog to deal with the issues that happen as we described above. The shedding period of rottweilers is twice a year. One happens between spring and summer, the other one between fall and winter.

Usually, heavy shedding occurs twice a year. One in the summer and another one is in the winter session. If your dog shows irregular shedding, you can always get help from the vet to know the exact time. It would be best if you considered that you could never wholly stop shedding your rottweilers; you can only reduce them knowing our above opinions on how to stop your rottweiler from shedding.

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