How to Stop a Dog From Producing Milk 


How to Stop a Dog From Producing Milk 

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A female dog naturally produces milk after giving birth to the puppies. But in some circumstances, you may need to dry up their milk. This might be a reason for lactating during false pregnancy, or the case can be due to their weakness and illness. If this happens, you need to help your female dog stop producing milk to save her life. So, do you know how to stop a dog from producing milk? Well, there are some simple methods with which you will be able to stop this milk-producing process. Wanna learn? Let’s dive in!

How to Stop a Dog From Producing Milk 

As there are many processes, we have selected the safest and simplest one for your lovely pet. After all, you will definitely not want to do any harm to them, will you? We insist on the supervision of vets so that you can avoid potential harm to your dogs. Don’t worry; the methods that we are going to describe are also approved from their recommendation. The health and well-being of your dog are guaranteed. Okay, we have talked much now let’s have a look at the process.

How to Stop a Dog From Producing Milk?

Reduce the Supply by Reducing the Demand

The amount of milk a dog produces depends on how much milk the puppy drinks. If the puppy drinks all the milk, the mother dog will produce more milk.

To prevent your puppies from suckling milk, you will need to find an ideal substitute to convert their interests. If you can lower the milk demand, your dog will produce less milk, and her milk production rate will ultimately slow down.

Give Mom a Break

Female dogs take care of their puppies during the nursing period, but at the age of 5 to 6 weeks, the sharp nails and teeth create a great obstacle for the mother to care for. So, take advantage of this age and give the momma a break.

At this stage, you should try giving some highly nutritious foods to the puppies. It will help them to grow stronger. If the foods are large and cause complications for the puppies to shallow, you can grind them up. This will help them to eat the foods easily.

Restrict Food  

A mother dog needs additional nutrition throughout their nursing stage. The additional nutrition also ensures a steady supply of milk. But now that you have noticed, milk production has become a curse for your dog; you are gonna need to restrict their foods. A mother dog needs more energy when they are feeding their puppies. So, limit their foods and restrict the high-calorie food; instead, give them a low-calorie diet so that they don’t gain weight.

This will make their glands dry up and help them to reduce milk production. Once you ensure that their milk production has reduced, you can then increase their food intake gradually.


You can also look for some medical treatment and try out some medicines to prevent your dog from producing milk. But make sure to follow your vet’s suggestion before applying for any medicine on your dog.

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