How to Open Bond Co Cat Collar


How to Open Bond Co Cat Collar

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Bonds are a type of cat collar that can be opened with a unique tool. They are designed to free a cat if caught on something and can’t get loose. They come in many different styles, and you can choose the one that’s best for your cat. Bond collars are also a great way to keep your cat safe since they won’t be able to get lost or run off if they’re wearing one. This article will show you how to open bond co cat collar safely and quickly.

How to Open Bond Co Cat Collar

Cat collars are a great way to keep your cat safe while you’re out and about, but they can become a problem if caught on something, and your cat gets stuck. Cat collars usually come with openings designed to get them off cats that their collar would otherwise trap.

A Detailed Guide on How to Open Bond Co Cat Collar

Method 1: With a Scissor

Step 1: In the first step, decide the point where you want to cut it. This will be easier if you have already decided about your cat’s size.

Step 2: Now, place the scissor on the collar’s tag and apply gentle pressure. You should begin to hear a crack sound as it cuts open the plastic cover of the tag.

Step 3: After cutting one end, pull out that piece. Now you will see a zip tie that ties together both ends of the strap. Cut this with your scissor as well and remove it from both sides. It is now easy for your cat to get out of its collar.

Method 2: Using Your Fingers

The second method also uses two hands and is the best way to open a cat collar.

Cut the Tag

Step 1: This method can be used if you already have cut the tag or zip tie initially attached to it and your cat’s name. How you choose to do this first step is entirely up to you, depending on your personal preference; however, we recommend cutting it with either a scissor or your fingernails because both options will not damage the actual collar itself.

Step 2: The second step requires using another pair of hands (preferably someone else’s). One person holds the collar tightly around your cat’s neck, while another unties its knot through the tail end of where the two ends connect. Again, do not remove the collar until it is completely untied.

Method 3: Using a Key

Step 1: Find a key that can fit into the lock on the collar; however, make sure you do not lose it after since it will limit how many times you can re-lock or unlock your cat’s collar throughout its lifetime. It is most effective for kittens because their heads are smaller, allowing them to slide through easily.

Step 2: With both hands, open up the lock by pulling down both sides. How you do this depends on the type of lock, but there are usually two pieces that slide apart to open up the collar.

How to Open Bond Co Cat Collar

Step 3: Your cat’s collar is unlocked and no longer restricts its movement!

Method 4: With a Ruler

Step 1: Find a ruler at least two feet in length. How long your ruler should depend on how big your cat is, but you will understand the difference once you feel it yourself!

Step 2: Once you have found the suitable ruler, place it under the collar so that one end of the ruler rests underneath where their neck would be. Make sure you hold onto this side too so that when you pull the other, it does not slip out from underneath them.

Step 3: While holding onto both sides, quickly pull upwards with as much force as possible and let go once the collar has been pulled up completely and over their head. If done correctly, your kitty now be free and running around the house without any restrictions!

Tips and Warnings:

Locking Them

– First, make sure your cat is contained in some way by closing doors or gates, making them stay in one room, or locking them in another. This should probably be attempted while the kitty is not home, or you may have scratched eyes.

– Try to open the lock by moving it back and forth. If this does not work, try using a paperclip or letter opener to get into the small crack between the two pieces of metal that are usually connected by a hinge.

– Make sure all your supplies are close at hand before starting the unlocking process – you don’t want to go looking for scissors in another room when you already know they are sitting on your coffee table.

– After opening the lock, make sure there is no more resistance against closing it again before letting your cat out. You don’t want to be poking them with sharp objects if they will immediately dart away from you.

– Be careful! Cats are known to scratch hands and faces when they feel threatened.


How Tight Should a Cat Collar Be?

Cat collars are not meant to be uncomfortably tight, but they shouldn’t hang loosely. A good rule of thumb is that you should only be able to fit one finger between the cat and the collar, with room for some give. Then, if your cat is out of sight and manages to slip its collar off, it won’t get hung up on anything or strangled.

Are Collars Uncomfortable for Cats?

How to Open Bond Co Cat Collar

It is a common myth that cats do not like collars. In reality, some find it comfortable and enjoy the added attention it brings them from their owners. Those unsure if their cat will accept a collar can try using confinement as a training method. If they behave as if nothing has changed with the addition of the collar, they may be suitable for wearing one after being supervised for several days to ensure no adverse reactions.


The best way to open a Bond Co. Cat Collar is by pulling the two pieces apart and opening them up in opposite directions. The collar will unfold into four quadrants for easy access, just like an accordion! You can also use your fingers or fingernails to gently pry it open if you are having trouble with the clasping mechanism on the back of the neckband.

If this doesn’t work, try taking out one small link at a time until there’s enough space between links that allow you to pull it apart easily. We hope you find this article on how to open bond co cat collar useful.