How to Give a Dog a Red Rocket


how to give a dog a red rocket

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Dogs are known for being loyal and loving companions, but they can also be fun. If you’re looking for ways to entertain your dog, one option is to give them a red rocket. This toy is essentially a doggy version of a firecracker, and it will keep your pet entertained for hours on end. This article will teach you how to give a dog a red rocket. Let’s get started!

Dogs are like family, which means we want to make sure they’re always safe and healthy. But unfortunately, not all pet toys are safe. For example, even though your dog isn’t likely to gnaw off pieces of a red rocket, the tubes can still pose a choking hazard if they break open.

how to give a dog a red rocket

What Is Dog Red Rocket?

Red rocket is a common name for an herbal remedy called ‘Cherry Bark’, which may or may not be the correct scientific term. There are many different herbs in Red Rocket, but cherry bark is one of them. It can grow to 65 feet tall and has green leaves. The cherry bark goes through several processing phases with each year’s new growth before it becomes red and ready to use medicinally.

Why Would You Use Dog Red Rocket?

Dog red rocket might come in handy when you have a dog with digestive problems, urinary tract infections, bladder stones, or kidney disease. Its active ingredient is oxalic acid, which helps dissolve crystals that irritate dogs’ bladder walls (uroliths). The herbal extract is also supposed to dissolve and flush out kidney stones and gravel, but there is no proof whatsoever.

There were no side effects in any clinical studies involving giving dog-red rockets to dogs with bladder infections or urinary tract disease. Even when combined with other remedies such as cranberry extract, it doesn’t seem to cause diarrhea as some people think.

However, it may be wise not to give your pet red rocket if they already have problems with their liver or kidneys since oxalic acid can irritate these organs too. It might be good to consult your vet before using Red Rocket on your canine companion.


Your Dog Needs a Red Rocket

A Detailed Guide on How to Give a Dog a Red Rocket

Step 1: Determine if your dog needs a red rocket.

Before you go ahead and give your dog a red rocket, you must determine whether or not your pooch needs to have this done. There are sure signs that will indicate whether or not your canine friend has an obstruction in their anal gland. It is highly recommended that you make a note of the following symptoms to ensure that your fur baby needs their watermelon-sized anal sacs emptied:

  • Your doggo begins scooting their butt across the floor
  • Your doggo is lethargic when they usually would be playful
  • You notice irritation around the anus region. If any of these symptoms sound all too familiar to you, a red rocket may be necessary.

Step 2: Determine where your dog needs to have the red rocket given

This step requires a bit of mental acuity. You must know where your dog’s anal glands are located to provide them with their much-needed dose of Poo-Pourri successfully. If you are still struggling to figure out where your pet’s anal glands are, do not fret!

Use Papers or Towels

Step 3: Find an elevated platform for your puppy.

One of the most crucial parts of giving your dog a red rocket is finding an elevated platform to stand on. This will help you determine if there are any obstructions in their anal glands. In addition, it may be helpful to place some newspapers or paper towels underneath your dog’s feet before giving them their deuce de jour.

Step 4: Straddle your pet like they are about to give birth

After successfully finding an elevated platform for your dog to stand on, it is time for you to straddle them so that the lower half of their body is resting on the surface below. Be sure to have a firm grip on both of your dog’s back legs, so they cannot escape. This should allow you an optimal view of your doggo’s hindquarters.

Step 5: Dig your fingers into their butts

Be sure to have a firm grip on both of your dog’s back legs so that they cannot escape. This should allow you an optimal view of your doggo’s hindquarters. When you are in this position, it is time for you to dig your fingers deep into the anal glands located near their anus. How deeply you need to insert your digits will vary depending on the size of your canine companion.

For smaller dogs, you should be able to get away with sticking only one or two fingers in each gland. However, medium-sized and larger breeds may require multiple fingers not to miss any smelly gunk pockets. It is paramount that you note if there is any discharge within the anal glands. If your pet is producing a fair amount of foul-smelling release, their inside bits will likely require an extra thorough cleansing.

Step 6: Get ready for the show.

Once you have determined that there has been an obstruction in your dog’s anal glands and have spent some time digging around them with your fingers, it is essential to prepare yourself for what is about to come out from these glands. Though initially, this may seem like a pleasant experience for both you and your fur baby, what comes next will be anything but fun or enjoyable.

Your Dog's Anal Glands  and Have Spent

Step 7: The moment of truth

After spending at least a minute digging around each gland to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned out, it is now time to empty them. How you do this will depend on the size of your canine friend. For smaller dogs, it is acceptable to dump the contents from each paw-sized gland with a small spoon or another utensil that can easily fit in their behinds. Unfortunately, if your dog is of medium or larger size, you may have to get your hands dirty by squeezing out the excess smelly discharge yourself. How you go about doing this should be based on your comfort level and your dog’s demeanor during the process.

Step 8: Take care not to lose any fluids

No matter how tempting it may be for you to want to devour all of these delectable-smelling anal juices (no judgment here), the safest bet is to pour them out into a small bowl and set it aside. Of course, how long you should do this will vary depending on how much of the smelly fluid there is and if your dog has some sort of obstruction in their anal glands that requires further attention.

Step 9: Rubbing alcohol time

After letting the anal juices dry out, it is now time to add in some rubbing alcohol to disinfect any new smells or bacteria lingering around. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto each gland and rub it around with your hand to get all areas of their derriere (no judgment here). How much rubbing alcohol you use will depend on how big of an area we are talking about. If you are dealing with a handful of anal glands, one or two drops should be enough to get the job done. How long you rub it in will also vary depending on the size of your dog and how many glands were affected by a potential blockage. This is a crucial step in how to give a dog a red rocket.

Step 10: Flush it out with warm water

Now that you have scrubbed all of the rubbing alcohol into your dog’s anal glands, it is time to flush. How much warm water you use will depend on how many glands were affected and what size they are compared to your four-legged friend. If you have a small dog with a few glands, simply pouring some lukewarm water from a small bowl into their backside will be enough to get the job done. However, if you have a giant dog with many glands affected by an obstruction, fill up a container of warm water and pour it over their butt until all traces of rubbing alcohol are gone. How long you rinse them will also vary depending on your dog’s size and how many glands were affected.

Use Alcohol

Step 11: Pat dry and move on with life

After you have rinsed out all of your dog’s anal glands with warm water, it is time for the final step: patting them dry. How you go about patting them down will vary depending on how wet they are after rinsing them out. For smaller dogs with a few glands affected, use a small piece of paper towel to pat their butts dry. However, if your dog has many glands that were affected or are very big, it may be best for you to use an old rag or another cloth item that is clean and absorbent. Again, how long you spend patting them dry will depend on how wet your dog’s butt is and how big of a surface area we are talking about.


So there you have it! How to give a dog a red rocket. It’s not as difficult as it may seem, and the payoff is worth it. Keep an eye on your pup during and after the experience, and make sure they stay safe and healthy. Have you given your dog a red rocket before? If so, tell us all about it in the comments below!