How to Get My Cat to Leave My Blinds Alone


how to get my cat to leave my blinds alone

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One of the most common problems for cat owners is getting their feline friend to stop scratching or clawing furniture. If you’re a cat owner, you know that they love to explore their surroundings. Unfortunately, this often includes playing with and clawing at curtains and blinds. While this can be an annoyance, there are ways to train your cat not to touch them. 

how to get my cat to leave my blinds alone

In this post, we’ll go over a few solutions to how to get my cat to leave my blinds alone without needing to resort to punishment or expensive deterrents. By following these simple tips, you can hopefully keep your furniture safe and damage-free! Read on to know more information!

How to Get My Cat to Leave My Blinds Alone: 12 Effective Solutions to Consider

1. Use Cat Deterrent Spray

Cats have a strong sense of smell, and some smells can bother them. Using a cat deterrent spray that smells bad to the cat will help keep the cat from bothering your blinds. It is also important not to use a household cleaner that has a strong smell, because this may irritate the cat.

2. Try Cat Deterrent Sticky Tape

You can also opt to use cat deterrent sticky tape since this is another simple way to keep your cat away from the window treatment. Just taping or sticking it on the blinds should do, and you’ll see that the cat will stay clear of it over time.

3. Keep Your Blinds Clean

It’s important to keep your blinds clean because it shows that you are responsible, and it will reinforce the idea that the blind is dangerous since there are no dirt or bugs for them to eat. Keeping your blinds clean may not be easy, but if you need extra help, then consider cleaning the blinds daily so that your cat will have no reason to climb it or chew on it.

4. Use Cat Deterrent Spray in Your Furniture

Another solution is to use this kind of spray in your furniture since kitties enjoy scratching and chewing just about anything they find, including your furniture. As with the blinds, try to spray this on your furniture’s surface (the ones that the cat likes to scratch or chew on), and you’ll soon see that the kitty will keep it away.

5. Use Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Use Motion-activated  Sprinklers

Another method is to use motion-activated sprinklers since these are surefire ways to scare the cat away from your window treatments. If you have successfully scared them out, then it means that they will not come back again the next time because s/he knows that this is a dangerous place to be. 4. Train your cat to stay away from the windows and doors

6. Keep Your Blinds Low

Keeping your blinds low is another simple solution, but it also tends to work for most cats. If you are using cordless blinds, this is even better since there will be no way your cat can reach the cords even if s/he tried.

7. Place Some Cat Toys Near Your Blinds

Another solution is to place several cat toys near your blinds so that you will be able to keep them occupied and less likely to jump onto the window treatment. In addition, certain cat repellents include catnip which may be helpful in this case.

8. Use Motion Sensor on Your Blinds

Another method is to use a motion sensor on your blinds so that the cat will stay away from it when he tries to jump onto it. This way, you will protect both the kitty and the window treatment since you will know what they are up to next time.

9. Use Double Sided Tape

If you want to keep your kitty away from the blinds, it helps with some sticky tape on its surface. Cats don’t like sticky things, so the mere presence of the double-sided adhesive will be enough to drive them away.

Use Strong Scents

10. Use Strong Scents

Using cat repellent spray may also be helpful, and you can use unscented sprays so that the smell is strong and unpleasant enough for him to stay away from your window. You may need to experiment with different scents to see which one the cat will hate so much that staying away will be their choice.

11. Use Water Spray

Another method is to use water spray since cats don’t like water! Just make sure that the bottle is not too big since you need to make your cat believe that it can harm him if he doesn’t stay away from the window treatment. You may also need to use a water spray bottle if they can jump onto the blinds or window treatment.

12. Train Your Cat

If you want, you may opt to train your cat using various methods and techniques, including positive reinforcement and clicker training, to get them away from the furniture and other items that you don’t want them to play with. The earlier you start training, the better it will be to teach them what they should do and not just because they have already learned that their actions are either safe or dangerous.

Some Tips to Prevent Cats From Breaking Blinds

1. One way to prevent cats from breaking blinds is to have horizontal slats that are too close together for the cat’s claws to fit between. Because of the design, this keeps cats from using their claws on the material. This is a good idea for keeping your blinds looking nice and helping you to prevent damage.

2. Another way to keep cats from clawing at your blinds is by having vertical slats instead of horizontal ones. Since the slats are upright, the cat would have difficulty getting their claws between them.

3. You can also use a mesh made for covering windows and allows air to flow through but keeps the cat from breaking it.

 Use Tape on Your Blinds

4. If you just put up new blinds and your cat has already managed to break them, you can try to cover the shredded part with a large sticker. You can then remove the sticker gradually over time, which causes a slow replacement of the shredding material.

5. If all else fails, you can purchase protective plastic made for this purpose. The film is clear and damage resistant; it also comes in various widths and is held in place with double-sided tape. It’s also easy to remove, should you ever need to replace the blinds.

6. Keep your cat indoors to avoid damage or injury from outdoor dangers such as other cats or wild animals, cars, etc.

7. Give your feline plenty of toys and scratching posts so that they won’t resort to scratching your blinds.

How to Get Cat Hair Off Blinds?

There are two ways to remove the cat hair off of the blind: using lint rollers and using tape (duct tape works best). To use tape on your blinds, get some duct tape. Place the sticky tape side up on a surface that is not carpeted, then hold the cat’s tail down and run the fur over the duct tape. Continue until all of your blinds are free of cat hair.

There are two ways to use the lint roller, and you can do one at a time or multiple blinds at once. To do just one roller place its sticky side up on any surface other than carpet. Then hold the cat’s tail down and run the fur over the lint roller. To do multiple blinds at once, place the lint roller sticky side up on top of each other.

Why Does Cat Attack on Blinds?

Many homeowners face a common problem with their cats: they attack the window blinds. There are multiple reasons for this, but the common theme is that you are not paying enough attention to your cat.

If they’re attacking your blinds, the best way to approach this problem is by following the instructions of this blog post on how to get my cat to leave my blinds alone. You can also use sticky paws. Sticky Paws consists of double-sided tape that you apply along the edges of your window blinds.

You Can Also Use Sticky Paws

This tape is very irritating against their paws and will help deter them from attacking the blinds again. However, it will not solve the problem for good on its own. You must train your cat on what behavior is appropriate around blinds.


If you’re struggling to get your cat away from the blinds, here are some tips for keeping them out. Blocking access with a physical barrier is one option, but if that’s not possible, try spraying an unpleasant scent on the outside of the window or applying double-sided tape to keep the kitty at bay.

Also, cats have sensitive ears, so playing loud music or using another sound deterrent may be enough to discourage them from coming back. And lastly, make sure they don’t have any other ways in! After reading this blog post, we hope you now have the answer to how to get my cat to leave my blinds alone. If you still have any questions or want to know more, then feel free to comment below!