How to Get Cat to Eat After Tooth Extraction


How to Get Cat to Eat After Tooth Extraction

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Tooth extraction is always a painful act for your cat; basically, the damaged teeth are removed from the mouth in this process. After this process, the cat will go through a phase that is quite painful. And the most crucial problem that the cat owner faces in this phase is the aversion towards food.

How to Get Cat to Eat After Tooth Extraction

Your cat will not want to take food because the tooth extraction process has caused cavities in your cat’s gum, and for this reason, intake food will cause more pain to the operation area. So you have to find other ways to make your cat eat. First of all, the usual manner of providing food will not be possible in this scenario.

You need to give your cat soft food. The cat will easily swallow this food. The primary purpose of providing this food is to restrict solid food from getting stuck in the open sockets. You have to continue these soft foods for a week. You should also follow the medication prescribed by the vet. For reducing the pain, you can give anti-inflammatory medicines to your cat. This will lessen the pain for forty-eight hours.


If your cat is not adopted to soft food or throwing up undigested food, then you can make the regular dry food moist by adding water adequately. You can apply this technique to make your cat eat its favorite food. The smell of the food will attract the cat, and it can easily swallow the food. You can also cut the meat into small pieces and then boil it.

After your cat’s tooth extraction, if it still does not want to eat, you can try feeding it baby food. There are many cat-specific baby foods available on the market.

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