How to Fix a Wobbly Cat Tree Post


how to fix a wobbly cat tree post

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It’s no secret that cats love to climb. Unfortunately, many cat owners find their furniture scratched to pieces because their feline friends can’t resist the urge to climb up high. If you’re one of those unlucky cat owners, you know that a wobbly cat tree is a real pain. Unfortunately, a cat tree is a perfect way to give your kitty a place to climb and scratch. Fortunately, there are a few ways to fix a wobbly cat tree quickly and easily. Keep reading for tips on how to fix a wobbly cat tree post.

how to fix a wobbly cat tree post

What is a Wobbly Cat Tree Post?

A cat tree post is a vertical pole that supports the cat tree. The post is usually made from either wood or metal, and it’s important that it’s sturdy to keep the weight of the cat tree. If the post is wobbly, it can be dangerous for your cat and damage the cat tree.

Required Materials

  • A cat tree
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Level or straightedge
  • Screwdriver (optional)

A Stepwise Guide on How to Fix a Wobbly Cat Tree Post

Step1: First Things First

If you want to fix a wobbly cat tree, you should make sure your cats are not using it first. If one of your cats is still taller than the wobbly post, it may get hurt or make it hard to fix the tree. If you want to be extra safe, you can remove the cat tree for a few days or move your cats to another place, like a window perch.

Step2: Acquire Supplies

You will need the following supplies to fix a wobbly cat tree post. The tools required are Phillips head screwdriver, power drill, hammer, 8-32 tap, screw tap handle.

For the screws, you’ll require one 1/4″, two 5/16″, and one 3/8″ screws. You will need a drill bit no smaller than 1/4″ as well as a 5/16″ and 3/8″. And finally, make sure you have some thread locker.

Step3: Make the Right Amount of Space

This task requires patience, precision and a special pair of pliers. To properly fix a wobbly cat tree, you first have to make sure that the post is freed from the base.

With your pliers, carefully twist and bend off all bolts that are holding the post in place. Be extremely careful during this process, as it would be very easy to lose balance and accidentally hit yourself with the pliers. Hold up your cat tree after twisting off all bolts by holding onto the post only. If it remains stable, you may proceed to step 3, however, if your cat tree wobbles even while holding it up by one post.

Step 4: How to Determine the Wobble Pattern

The next step is to figure out why the post is wobbling. It might be just one of its legs, or it could be moving in a circle. If it’s only one leg, you might be able to fix this by putting something under the leg that is wobbling. If the whole post is moving in a circle, you may need to use something like glue or a sticker to keep the legs on the base.

Use a Screwdriver

Step 5: How to Fix a Wobbly Single Leg

If your cat tree is wobbling on one leg, it is probably because the carpet padding is uneven. You can try to fix this by adding some padding beneath the tree.

Alternatively, if the wobble is caused because one of your cats is taller than the post itself, you’re going to have a harder time fixing it. In the case that this type of wobble is causing injury or difficulty in stepping up to reach the platform, you will need to remove the cat tree from its location entirely. You can do so by following step 2. Be sure to completely remove the wobbly post now instead of halfway through the process!

If the above solution is not workable, you can attempt to balance your cat tree by wedging some cardboard or carpet underneath the wobbly leg. If this does not work, you may need to drill new holes in order to rebalance your post. Keep reading for more information about how to fix a wobbly cat tree post.

Step 6: How to Fix the Wobbly Post

After you have removed the loose post, drill new holes in each leg that is now higher than the others. For this step, we will be using a 9/64″ bit and our power drill. Simply measure where you need to drill and mark it with a pencil. Now do not forget which hole is which because you will need to match them up again when it’s time to reassemble the post onto the base.

Now that you have drilled new holes for each leg line up your post with the base and insert all bolts into position. The triple threaded screws are important because they allow you to adjust the height of your cat tree at a later time.

Once you have properly inserted all bolts and triple threaded screws, tighten everything back up using your power drill. Make sure that the holes are perfectly aligned with the base of your cat tree post before tightening down any parts!

Step 7: How to Make Sure it Doesn’t Wobble Again

After assembling your wobbly cat tree, take a minute to run your hand along the bottom of the post. You are looking for any rough or sharp edges that may have been created after drilling new holes into your post.

Use a Wood Drill

If you find any problems with the legs, carefully sand them down using fine grain sandpaper until they are smooth again. Once finished, apply some fresh carpet or rubber padding on the bottom of each leg and reassemble your wobbly cat tree! Conclusion

Step 8: How to Make a New Post

If you cannot sand down the legs of your post because they are too far gone, it may be time to make a new post. The majority of pet trees will come with some extra pieces if you need to replace a lousy post.

Now that you have all the tools necessary, carefully insert each screw into the leg piece. Be prepared because it takes quite a bit of strength to screw this in. If your screws are not turning in at all, you will have to use some pliers or even a hammer to give it a nudge.

Once you have successfully screwed in all the screws, you are ready to make your new post! Take the round dowel rod and cut off pieces until they are equal in height to each leg. I suggest using one 1-2 inches taller than each leg so that when placed into its proper place, it is straight enough to line up with the screw holes.

Now that you have all the pieces, carefully slip them into each leg. It may take some muscle for this part to work out. If your dowel rod breaks halfway through this process, you will have to make another one or use another piece of wood that is similar in size to the dowel rod. Once placed into position, carefully use your power drill to insert screws into each screw hole.

Step 9: How to Place & Secure the New Post

With your new post standing straight, carefully align it with the base of the cat tree. Insert all six screws into their holes, ensuring that each one is secure before moving on to the next. Once you have tightened down all legs, snug up any loose bolts and triple threaded screws on the top of your cat tree base.

 Use Some Fine Grain Sandpaper

At this point, check to make sure there are no newly created rough edges on the legs of your new post. If you find any, use some fine grain sandpaper or a nail file to give it a smooth finish. After doing so, take some fresh carpet and rubber padding and apply it directly onto the bottom of the new post. At this point, reassemble your wobbly cat tree and give it a try! If you want to know more about how to fix a wobbly cat tree post keep reading.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Your Cat Tree On An Even Surface?

If your cat tree is wobbling, it may be because it is not on an even surface. Make sure to place your cat tree on a flat and sturdy surface in order to avoid any accidents.

How do you fix a cat tree post?

If your cat tree is wobbling, it may be because it is not on an even surface. Make sure to place your cat tree on a flat and sturdy surface in order to avoid any accidents.

What kind of carpet is used for cat trees?

The type of carpet that is typically used for a cat tree is a short pile carpet. This type of carpet is less likely to snag on your cat’s claws.

Used for a Cat Tree  Is a Short Pile Carpet


If your cat tree is wobbly, it may be time to do some maintenance. Follow these instructions for replacing a post on an outdoor cat tree, and you’ll have the stability of new in no time! Thanks for reading our post about how to fix a wobbly cat tree post.