How Long Can a Cat Hold Its Pee


How Long Can a Cat Hold Its Pee

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Have you ever wondered how long can a cat hold its pee? It turns out that they have the ability to do so for days, but some factors will affect this. For instance, if your cat is really thirsty, it may not last as long.

How Long Can a Cat Hold Its Pee

Also, if they have been eating dry food and don’t drink enough water, their bladder won’t work properly, and they’ll need to go more often than usual. If you want to know more about your kitty-cat to try holding it in longer, then read this blog post till the end.

Factors That Determine How Long Can a Cat Hold Its Pee

1. Healthy Bladder

You cannot do much in this case, but if your kitty-cat’s bladder is healthy, it can hold its pee for a couple of days. However, if it has a weakened bladder or issues with the kidneys, it will weaken and need to empty itself more often than normal.

2. Dull Sense of Smell 

If your kitty-cat has a dull sense of smell, then it might not find the need to go outside as often. This is because it will not notice that its bladder is full and doesn’t have to empty it until days later.

However, make sure that you don’t use air fresheners or any other type of deodorizer around your cat’s litter box. Some cats can get easily distracted by such scents and end up using the bathroom somewhere else rather than their own litter box!

Healthy Bladder

Ensure to clean the litter box regularly so that no unusual smells are coming out from it.  A helpful tip here would be to ensure that you clean the cat’s litter box regularly. The best time to do so is immediately after the cat has used it.

Also, don’t forget to change the litter once every few weeks, or you can even get a self-cleaning litter box that will keep your kitty’s bathroom smell-free and clean without you having to do anything!

3. Your Cat’s Personality & Mood 

If your cat is in a good mood, then there are chances that he or she will hold its pee for longer than when they’re in a bad mood. Also, if your pet is upset or stressed out, then there are almost certain chances that they’ll end up using their bladder more often than usual.

If you notice any changes in the behavior of your kitty-cat, then it might be a good idea to consult your vet. However, keep in mind that you should never punish them for urinating all over the place, which will only cause them to feel stressed out and worried.

4. The Amount of Exercise 

If your cat has been running around outside or exercising a lot, then there are higher chances that he or she will not hold its pee as long as compared to when they haven’t been doing anything at all. However, the amount of exercise they get will also depend on their size too.

Overweight Cat Will  Also Hold Its Pee

For instance, some breeds such as Siamese cats have smaller bodies and less muscle mass than average-sized cat breeds such as Maine Coon cats, so if you have an indoor kitty-cat, it can hold its pee for almost a week without having to empty itself.

5. The Amount of Fluids Consumed 

You might not have thought about this, but one of the main factors that will affect how long a cat can hold its urine is actually how much water your kitty is taking in. So if you have been giving two glasses of water per day, then make sure to cut down the amount to only one glass of water for a few days before increasing it up again.

6. The Amount of Food Consumed 

In order to avoid urinary tract and bladder infections, as well as any other type of medical problems that can occur due to urinating outside the litter box, make sure that your cat is not eating too much or not enough food. Keep in mind that an overweight cat will also hold its pee for longer than average kittens because they are heavier, and their body weight will be more on their bladders when they go to the bathroom.

7. Stress of Your Cat

If your kitty-cat is stressed out due to an upcoming trip, a change in the environment, or if you’re leaving them alone for too long, then there are chances that they’ll end up urinating outside the litter box. Also, remember not to scold your cat for doing this, as it will only cause stress and more of such issues. It is always recommended that you keep your kitten isolated when going through any major changes so that they can get used to all those new situations slowly and gradually.

The Stress of Your Cat

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The average cat can hold their pee for up to twelve hours! That’s a long time. The reason is because of the way cats are made, and they have more muscles in their bladder and kidneys than other animals do so that they can control when they pee. Cats also don’t need as much water as humans do, which helps them last longer without going potty. If your cat pees outside its litter box or starts urinating on things like clothes or furniture, then it could be an indication of a medical issue. Make sure you take your pet to the vet if this happens!