How to Calm an Australian Cattle Dog


How to Calm an Australian Cattle Dog

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There’s something about Australian Cattle Dogs that makes them so darn irresistible. They’re always happy, wagging their tails, and up for a good time. But sometimes, they can get a little too rambunctious for their own good – which is when you need to know how to calm an australian cattle dog. This guide will show you exactly how to do just that!

How to Calm an Australian Cattle Dog

What Is an Australian Cattle Dog, and How Do They Behave?

Australian Cattle Dogs are a type of herding dog that was originally bred in Australia for… well, herding cattle. These dogs are compact and muscular, with a coat typically blue or red with white markings. They are intelligent and adaptable, and they make loyal and devoted companions.

However, they can also be strong-willed and stubborn, requiring firm training and consistent rule-setting to thrive. Australian Cattle Dogs are active dogs who need plenty of exercises and excel at sports such as agility, flyball, and frisbee.

They are also talented herders and have been known to herd children, cats, chickens – pretty much anything that moves! – if given a chance. Overall, Australian Cattle Dogs are intelligent, active dogs who make great companions for experienced dog owners.

Why It’s Important to Calm an Australian Cattle Dog?

An Australian Cattle Dog is a high-energy herding dog originally bred to work on farms. Today, these dogs are still widely used as working dogs, but they also make excellent companions for active people. If you’re thinking of adding an Australian Cattle Dog to your family, it’s important to know that these dogs need a lot of exercises and mental stimulation.

Without proper outlets for their energy, they can become frustrated and destructive. That’s why it’s important to calm an Australian Cattle Dog with regular exercise, training, and attention. With the right amount of love and care, an Australian Cattle Dog can be a loyal and loving friend for life.

8 Tips to Follow on How to Calm an Australian Cattle Dog

If you’re the proud owner of an Australian Cattle Dog, then you know that these dogs are full of energy and can be quite stubborn. But don’t despair – there are ways to calm your dog down. By following these eight tips, you’ll have a calmer, happier, and more obedient Australian Cattle Dog in no time.

Australian Cattle Dog

1. Create a Daily Routine and Stick to It

One of the best ways to calm your dog down is to establish a daily routine and stick to it. This will help your dog know what to expect each day and give them a sense of security. Make sure to include plenty of time for exercise, play, and training in your daily routine.

2. Provide Plenty of Exercises

Australian Cattle Dogs are high-energy dogs that need a lot of exercises. They can become restless and destructive if they don’t get enough physical activity. A good way to tire your dog out is to take them on long walks or runs or let them run off-leash in a safe area. You can also try playing fetch or Frisbee with them.

3. Keep Mealtimes Consistent

Another way to create a sense of calm for your dog is to keep mealtimes consistent. This means feeding them at the same time each day and not giving them table scraps. Giving them a set feeding schedule will help them feel more secure and relaxed.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive reinforcement training is a great way to teach your dog desired behaviors while calming their nerves. With this training, you’ll reward your dog for good behavior instead of punishing them for bad behavior. This will help them focus on what you want them to do instead of what you don’t want them to do.

5. Avoid Scolding or Punishment

Scolding or punishment can worsen your dog’s behavior and cause them to become even more agitated. If your dog is misbehaving, it’s best to redirect their attention to something positive – like a toy or treat – instead of scolding them.

6. Make Sure Your Dog Has a Safe Place to Retreat To

Dogs feel calmer and more relaxed when they have a safe place to retreat. This could be a crate, bed, or even just a corner of the room where they feel comfortable and safe. When your dog is feeling stressed, allow them to go to their safe place so they can relax.

7. Consider Using Calming Supplements

Several calming supplements on the market can help reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. These supplements usually contain ingredients like chamomile or lavender, which have calming properties. You can find these supplements at your local pet store or online.

Use Positive  Reinforcement Training

8. Speak to Your Veterinarian

If you’ve tried all the above tips and your dog is still feeling stressed, it’s best to speak to your veterinarian. They can rule out any underlying medical conditions causing your dog’s anxiety and recommend further treatment options.

Now that you know how to calm an Australian Cattle Dog, it’s important to follow these tips consistently. By creating a daily routine and sticking to it, providing plenty of exercises, and using positive reinforcement training, you can help your dog to relax and behave better. If your dog is still feeling stressed, don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian for further advice.

The Best Music to Calm Down an Australian Cattle Dog

If you have an Australian Cattle Dog, then you know they are full of energy and can be difficult to calm down. But did you know that music can be a helpful tool for calming them down? While all dogs are different, the best music to calm down an Australian Cattle Dog is typically classical or instrumental. The mellow tones and lack of lyrics help to soothe and relax them.

You can also try playing soft rock or easy-listening music, as long as it has a slow tempo. Finally, if your dog is particularly anxious, you may consider investing in a canine relaxation CD specifically designed for dogs. With a little trial and error, you should be able to find the perfect type of music to help your Australian Cattle Dog relax and unwind.

5 Supplements That Can Help Calm an Australian Cattle Dog

If you’ve ever owned an Australian Cattle Dog, you know that they are high-energy dogs that require a lot of exercises. However, sometimes it’s impossible to give them the amount of physical activity they need to burn off all their energy. So if your dog is bouncing off the walls and driving you insane, some supplements can help calm them down.

While nothing can replace a good walk or run, these supplements can help take the edge off and make your dog more manageable.

CDB Oil Is a Popular  Supplement

1. CBD oil is a popular supplement for humans and animals alike. It has been shown to help with anxiety and stress in both people and animals and can also help to reduce inflammation.

2. Valerian root is another popular supplement for anxious dogs. It works by increasing levels of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain, which has a calming effect.

3. Chamomile is well known for its calming properties in humans, and it can also be helpful for dogs who are feeling anxious or stressed.

4. Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a role in many biochemical reactions in the body. For example, it has been shown to help with anxiety and stress and can also help to relax muscles.

5. L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea that has a calming effect. It works by increasing levels of GABA in the brain, which helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

These supplements can help calm an Australian Cattle Dog, but it’s important to talk to your veterinarian before starting any supplement regimen. They can help you choose the right products and dosages for your dog’s individual needs.

How to Calm an Australian Cattle Dog through Training

Australian Cattle Dogs are high-energy dogs that need plenty of exercise and stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Though intelligent and eager to please, their herding instincts can sometimes lead to undesirable behaviors, such as nipping at heels or chasing moving objects. However, these tendencies can be redirected through positive training methods.

Your Dog Is Anxious

When an Australian Cattle Dog exhibits unwanted behavior, it is important to remain calm and consistent in your response. Yelling or punishing the dog will only intensify its excitement and worsen the problem. Instead, redirect its attention with a positive command, such as “sit” or “stay.” If the dog obeys the command, give it plenty of praise and treats.

With patience and persistence, you can train your Australian Cattle Dog to focus its energy in more constructive ways.

Frequently Asked Question

How to tell if your dog is anxious

There are a few ways to tell if your dog is anxious. One way is to look at their body language. Signs of anxiety in dogs can include cowering, trembling, pacing, and hiding.

Another way to tell is by listening to how they’re breathing. Rapid, shallow breaths are a sign of anxiety in dogs. If you think your dog is anxious, you can do a few things to help them calm down.

Can I Give My Dog Medication to Calm Them Down?

Yes, you can give your dog medication to calm them down. There are a few different types of medication that you can give your dog, including sedatives, tranquilizers, and anti-anxiety medications. Talk to your veterinarian about the best type of medication for your dog.


Australian Cattle Dogs are a unique breed that needs plenty of exercise and training. If you can provide these things for your dog, they will be loyal and loving pets. A well-trained Australian Cattle Dog is a pleasure to have around the house and can be an invaluable asset on the farm or ranch. Thanks for reading our post about how to calm an australian cattle dog.