How Long Should A Dog Wear A Cone After Surgery


How Long Should A Dog Wear A Cone After Surgery

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Dogs are the most common pet to us. We might face some surgery for them and have to take care after some surgeries. Wearing a cone after surgery is a great way to prevent your dog from touching that incision place. We will give our best opinions on how long should a dog wear a cone after surgery.

How Long Should A Dog Wear A Cone After Surgery

Types of surgeries & dogs

The length of time your pet dog will need to wear a cone may vary depending on the type of surgery, the suture material and suture absorption time. Some surgeries, like lesions, may take approximately 10 to 14 days or more to heal.

Surgical stitches usually require about a week to heal, although this can vary depending on your dog’s age – younger dogs tend to heal faster than older ones. Proper care is essential for healing to occur quickly and without complications.

How Long Should A Dog Wear A Cone After Surgery

How Long Should a Dog Wear a Cone After Surgery

  • As we said earlier, it takes up to 10 to 14 days to heal if you properly take care.
  • Your dog may hesitate to wear a cone as it feels uncomfortable to them and may pretend not to take a meal. Your dog may also run around your house by breaking things to get rid of that cone. If you remove the cone at that time, it will not be beneficial for your dog; instead, it may bite or lick the incision site’s stitches and may cause an infection. It will make the situation more complicated. So, you have to be determined and try to make your pet comfortable on the cone.
  • To keep your dog comfortable after the surgery wearing cone, you may choose different cones, like when your pet is near you, use a simple cone as you can observe your dog closely. When it is outside, you can change a different cone, and while sleeping, you can also use another type of cone. It would be best to choose these cones that are only suitable for your dog by trying on to them. If cones stress a lot to your dog, you can remove them for a while in a day when you can observe your pet very closely from biting or licking the incision place.
How Long Should A Dog Wear A Cone After Surgery
  • It would be best if you gave your dog time while wearing the cone as it is normal like other days and try to walk outside with your pet.
  • If you still feel that your pup is uncomfortable on the cones, try to figure out the cause by removing the cone. It may be the fabric used in the cone. If it is, then try a soft cone. If a big cone makes problems, try using a small one. If it causes pain while giving a treat to your pet, try removing the cone. The main aim is to make your pet most comfortable while the cone is worn to keep the healing process stable.

Final Thoughts

We also recommend you take your pet to the nearest veterinary care to know the exact duration of wearing a cone for different cases on different pets; the course may vary. Also, it is the safest way as they will examine your dog very closely.

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