How to Wrap a Dog in a Blanket


How to Wrap a Dog in a Blanket

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Dogs are known for being loyal and protective companions. However, they can also be cold-weather enthusiasts just like their human counterparts. So if you have a furry friend who loves to bundle up in the colder months, here is some information on how to wrap a dog in a blanket.

How to Wrap a Dog in a Blanket

If it’s really cold outside, you can put a blanket on your dog to keep them warm. But if it gets really cold, below 25 degrees, you should put a coat on them instead.

A Stepwise Guide on How to Wrap a Dog in a Blanket

Step 1 : Identify Whether the Dog Is Too Big or Not

A large dog will require a blanket much bigger than a small one. For example, when wrapping an Alsatian, you’ll need a much bigger blanket than when doing the same with a Chihuahua. It’s essential to make sure that your dog can’t escape from the blanket!

If your dog is struggling to stay warm, try using two blankets – one for each end of their body. If your dog is too squirmy to stay in place while you’re trying to wrap them up in one blanket, try using some string to tie them tightly to something.

Step 2 : Choose Blanket – How big?

You’ll want to make sure that your blanket is large enough to cover the entire dog, including their feet. It’s a good idea to have excess fabric when you’re wrapping them up just in case they do manage to work themselves free from the top half of the blanket, and one leg gets wholly uncovered. The best way to keep your dog covered is to tuck the blanket under their tummy and around their back legs. This allows you to put a tie or two around their middle without it being too tight, so they can still move comfortably. Keep in mind that if your dog is nervous, a snugger fit may be more reassuring for them.

Use Choose Blanket

This way, they won’t be able to run off or hurt themselves on any sharp objects while running around with a loose blanket flopping about underneath them. Alternatively, if you happen to have a yoga mat/carpet remnant lying around, these can also serve double duty as effective blankets for your pup!

Step 3 : Place the Blanket Over the Dog

Once you’ve got your blanket, don’t be put off if it looks a little bit too big. Take the dog’s head and pop it through one of the leg holes at either side of the blanket, then bring their two front paws together, so they’re sat with their legs in front of them – just like when you were putting on their leash!

Once they’re in position, lift one half of the blanket and place that over top of their body, making sure to cover both back legs with it as well. At this point, they’ll likely start trying to wriggle out from underneath it, so keep an eye out for any large movements – once they have calmed down a bit, you can go ahead and complete step 4.

Step 4 : Pull the Other Half of the Blanket Over the Dog

Now you’ll need to pull up the other half of your blanket, so it’s covering both sides of their body. It may take a little bit of doing but try and get this part done as carefully and evenly as possible, making sure there isn’t too much slack in one area so that your dog might be able to escape from underneath it.

If your dog is squirmy and doesn’t want to stay still while you’re trying to put a blanket on them, you can tie their leash to something nearby so they can’t move. They will be pulled back into place each time they try to take a break from the blanket.

Step 5 : Wrap Around Dog’s Back Legs and Tail

Wraping Around Dog's Back Legs

Now that your dog is snug as a bug in a rug, both sides of its body should be covered by the blanket. The next step will be to pull over the top half of the blanket so it covers their front legs and head. At this point, you can also use your arms or hands to get everything as smooth and even as possible.

Once you have done this, go ahead and wrap the excess fabric around their back legs before finally pulling it under them, so it covers their tail too. Although initially, they might not enjoy being wrapped up quite so tightly, you’ll find that pretty quickly enough; your pup will start to relax and calm down.

Step 6 : Keep Blanket in Place

If your dog keeps wriggling out from underneath their blanket, you may want to take some string and tie them tightly to whatever surface they are sitting on near you.

You can also make use of any nearby furniture or surfaces by tying their leash onto it this way, they won’t be able to run away while still having access to some wiggle room (just not enough for them to slip out of the blanket).

If you have a strong carabiner, you can clip one end of your leash to it and attach it to a belt loop or chair pocket. This will prevent your dog from escaping their blanket.

Step 7 : Stop the Dog From Wiggling Out of the Blanket

Tying them up with some string or ribbon will help keep your dog in place, but it’s also essential that you do everything possible to stop them from wiggling themselves free.

Tying Ribbon Will Help Keeping Dog in Place

If they are solid and determined, then you’re going to need to take things one step further – let them struggle for a few minutes before covering their head with one hand so they can’t see what’s happening around them. This should cause them enough distress that they’ll eventually stop trying to wriggle themselves free.

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Step 8 : Keep the Dog in the Blanket

If you want your dog to stay wrapped up in their blanket, then you should attach their leash to something nearby so they can’t run around too much, but still have some time to play or do other things to stay occupied.

You can also put a little bit of food into either end of the part where they’ll have access to it once you release them! As soon as your pup calms down and stops trying to escape their blanket, this will become an ideal way for you to both enjoy each others company without having your dog running around all over the place – if they get too e cited, wait a while, and they should calm down again. These steps will help in how to wrap a dog in a blanket.

Tips and Warnings


  • If you are looking to make an outfit for your dog, try sizing up your measurements by one or two sizes to allow the fabric to stretch. For example, if your measurements indicate that your dog’s waist is 14 inches, buy 16-inch fabric (an vice versa).
  • Make sure you use fabrics that wash well! You can do this by either using upholstery fabric or polyester fleece.
  • Keep safety in mind when designing clothing items for dogs – after all, they do ‘t have many options of expressing themselves with words! Make sure there are no strings or long objects that could get caught on anything. Also, keep seams out of the way so the dog won’t get injured while walking in their new outfit.Designing Clothing Items for Dogs


  • Be careful if working with fabrics that have sequins on them. Dog’s nails and teeth could get caught in the fabric.
  • Keep scissors out of your dog’s reach – they will not be happy if you cut up their blanket!
  • When putting clothing on your dog, make sure you start with the head and work your way down. For example, start at their front legs, then go to their back legs, and finally put it on over their head.

How Long Should I Leave the Wrapped Part on My Dogs Body?

At all the mess, you should leave the wrapped part on your dog’s body. However, do not take it off if they start to get too hot or sweaty, which may cause them discomfort.

Wrapping your dog should be a part of their daily routine and, as such, should only be done once a day, ideally at night time if possible, so that they can go through an entire night without being disturbed by painful joints. The wrap must always be applied and removed by a handler or another family member, never your dog.

It is, however, wonderful to wrap them more times a day if it is easier for you- remember that frequent wrapping can lead to overheating and dampness.


I hope this article on how to wrap a dog in a blanket was helpful. Nothing warms you up like a good old-fashioned blanket when it is cold outside. We have some suggestions on wrapping them in their little cocoon of warmth. First, make sure that they are wearing an appropriate coat or sweater.

This will also help keep them warm during colder months! Next, find yourself a sturdy blanket and gently drape over your dog, making sure not to cover his head so he can still breathe easily. Finally, tuck him in excellent and snugly wrap one side at a time around his body until there’s no more room left on the other end.

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