How to Make a Rabbit Cage from A Dog Crate


How to Make a Rabbit Cage from A Dog Crate

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If you’re like most people, you probably have a dog or two (or three…) and a rabbit. And if you’re like most people, you’ve also been wondering how to keep your bunny and your pooch separate when they can’t be in the same room. Well, wonder no more! You can easily make a rabbit cage from a dog crate. Of course, this keeps your furry friends safe, but it’s also a great way to train your dog not to be too rough with the rabbit. Here’s how to make a rabbit cage from a dog crate.

How to Make a Rabbit Cage from A Dog Crate

What Is a Dog Crate?

A dog crate is a special type of enclosure designed to provide a safe and comfortable space for your dog to stay when you are away from home. The crate should be large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably, but it should not be too large, or your dog will feel like it has too much space and will be less likely to use the crate as a safe space.

The crate should also have a comfortable bedding material inside so that your dog will have a cozy place to rest. Many dog crates also come with unique features like toy holders and food dishes to make the crate even more inviting for your dog.

Why Make a Rabbit Cage from A Dog Crate?

Bunny rabbits are social creatures that love to play and explore. A dog crate is perfect for a bunny rabbit to call home. It provides plenty of space for a bunny to run around, as well as a place to hide when they want some peace and quiet.

Dog crates also have a removable bottom pan, making them easy to clean. And because they’re made of wire, they provide good ventilation to keep your bunny cool in the summer months. Whether you’re looking for a new home for your bunny rabbit or want to give them some extra space to play, a dog crate is a great option.

Things You’ll Need

  • Dog crate
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Pen or pencil
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • 1/2 inch drill bit
  • Wirecutter/pliers
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver

How to Make a Rabbit Cage from A Dog Crate Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Planning

Before you even think about how to make a rabbit cage from a dog crate, you need to plan it out. First, determine how big your rabbit is and how much space it needs. Then, measure the dimensions of the dog crate and multiply them by two or three to get the size of the rabbit cage. Remember to leave room for a food bowl, water bottle, and a place for the rabbit to sleep.

Make a Rabbit Cage  From a Dog Crate

Step 2: Size

Be sure to size your crate appropriately for your rabbit. The crate should be large enough for the rabbit to stand up, turn around, and lie comfortably. If the crate is too small, your rabbit may feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Step 3: New Versus Used (Secondhand)

There are pros and cons to both new and used crates. A new crate will be free of smells or bacteria, but it can be more expensive than a used crate. A used crate may have some smells or bacteria, but it can be cheaper than a new crate.

Step 4: Disinfect Before Use

Whether you choose a new or used crate, it is important to disinfect it before use. This can be done with a simple bleach solution: 1 part bleach to 9 parts water. Soak the crate in the solution for about 10 minutes, then rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Finally, let the crate dry completely before using it with your rabbit.

Step 5: Consider the Bar Spacing

Another important factor to consider when choosing a rabbit cage is bar spacing. The bar spacing should be small enough that your rabbit can’t fit his head through them but large enough that he can’t escape. A good rule of thumb is to choose a crate with bar spacing of 1 inch or less.

Step 6: Door Position

The position of the door on the crate is also important. It should be positioned so that the rabbit can’t escape by pushing it open. If the door opens out, keep it closed at all times unless you are there to supervise your rabbit.

Bunny rabbits are social creatures

Step 7: Choose the Flooring Material

The flooring of the crate is also important. Again, you will want to choose an absorbent material and easy to clean. A good option is to use a thick layer of newspapers or disposable pads.

Step 8: Add Depth to The Floor

If you want to give your rabbit more space to play, you can add depth to the crate floor. This can be done by using a piece of wood or PVC pipe to create a ramp. Be sure that the surface is safe and non-slip.

Step 9: Create a Shelf

To create a shelf, you will need to cut a piece of wood 18 “x24”. This can be done with a hand saw or a power saw. Using a power saw is important to use proper safety precautions. Once the wood is cut, use a drill to make two holes in each corner. The holes should be about 1″ from the edge of the wood.

Next, use a screwdriver to attach the brackets to the wood. You may need someone to help you hold the wood while you do this. Once the brackets are attached, you can place them in your rabbit’s cage.

Step 10: Add a Hideaway

Adding a Hideaway is a great way to give your bunny some extra privacy. You can use an old tee-shirt, a cardboard box, or even a small pet carrier. Just make sure that it’s big enough for your bunny to fit inside comfortably.

If you’re using a cardboard box, cut out a hole in one end for your bunny to go in and out of. You can also use this hole to put food and water inside the box.

Step 11: Build a Ramp

If your rabbit is living on the main level of your home, you’ll need to provide them with a way to get up and down. This can easily be done by creating a small ramp out of spare lumber. Cut a piece of lumber to the desired length and attach it to the side of the cage using hinges or screws. If you’d like, you can also create a small landing at the top of the ramp to provide your rabbit with a place to rest.

Step 12: Encourage Your Pets to Go Upstairs

Once your pets have become comfortable with their new space, start encouraging them to go upstairs. Place some of their favorite toys and treats up there, and once they’ve ventured up, give them lots of praise!

Your Rabbit More  Space to Play

Step 13: Ventilation

One of the most important aspects of any rabbit cage is proper ventilation. Without it, your rabbits will overheat and could die. The best way to provide ventilation is by using a wire mesh top on your crate. This will allow air to circulate freely and keep your rabbits cool.

If you are not using a wire mesh top, you can also prop open the door to the crate a few inches to allow air to circulate. Then, just close the door when you aren’t home to keep your rabbits safe.

Now that you know how to make a rabbit cage from a dog crate, you can create your own. Just be sure to provide proper ventilation to keep your rabbits safe and cool.

Can a Rabbit Live in A Dog Crate

Many people ask, can a rabbit live in a dog crate? The answer is yes, a rabbit can live in a dog crate, but there are some things you need to know before doing so.

First of all, you will need to get a large dog crate. This is because rabbits need plenty of space to move around. If the crate is too small, your rabbit will become stressed and could even get sick.

Next, you will need to modify the crate to make it safe for your rabbit. The most important modification is to add a section for the rabbit to use as a bathroom. This can be done by cutting a hole in the side of the crate and lining it with a piece of cardboard or a towel.

Finally, you will need to ensure your rabbit has enough food and water. You can do this by placing a water bottle and food bowl in the crate.

If you follow these steps, your rabbit should be able to live happily in a dog crate.

 Dog and Rabbit to  Use as a Bathroom

Frequently Asked Question

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Rabbit Cage from A Dog Crate?

The cost of making a rabbit cage from a dog crate can vary, depending on the size and type of crate you use. To complete the project, you will also need to purchase some additional materials, such as wire mesh and wood. However, you can expect to spend between $50 and $100 on materials and tools.

Is Rabbit Cage from A Dog Crate Worth It?

There are a lot of benefits to making a rabbit cage from a dog crate. For one, it’s usually much cheaper than buying a pre-made rabbit cage. Additionally, it can be much easier to customize the size and shape of a dog crate to fit your specific needs, which is great if you have a large or oddly-shaped rabbit.


Whether you’re a first-time rabbit owner or you’ve been caring for bunnies for years, we hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make a rabbit cage from a dog crate, please let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from our readers and want to ensure everyone has the best possible experience with their furry friends. Thanks for reading!