How to Keep Neighbors Dog Out of Trash


How to Keep Neighbors Dog Out of Trash

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You’ve probably been there before. You walk out to your trash cans to take out the garbage, and you notice that your neighbor’s dog has helped himself to a bit of trash party. While it can be frustrating, there are some ways that you can keep your neighbor’s dog from getting into your trash. In this article, we’ll show you how to keep neighbors dog out of trash. Check out these tips below!

How to Keep Neighbors Dog Out of Trash

Dogs are naturally curious, and it’s up to you to make sure that they can’t get into your trash. They’ll eat food from the garbage, get into bags since they think it’s a new toy and even play with plastic bottles. It can be detrimental to their health to eat this stuff, and your neighbors will thank you for keeping their dog out of your trash!

What Are the Reasons?

One of the biggest problems that most people have is when garbage trucks come and leave their trash cans open, or sometimes they skip a few houses, and it makes it easier for dogs to get into the trash and tear everything up and make a mess.

The first reason you want to keep your dog out of the neighbor’s trash can is that it’s not his or hers, and also, if your neighbor gets mad at you about it, then that could cause some bad blood between you as neighbors.

Another reason you might want to keep your dog out of the trash is if you want them to be healthy. People often leave food in the trash cans that have already been eaten, and sometimes it has gone wrong.

The last reason why many people don’t want their dogs getting into the neighbor’s trash cans is that it is just not nice. Even if you are mad at them about something, there is no need for your dog to punish them by ripping up their garbage bags.

Why do You need To Keep Your Dog Out Of The Trash?

Getting Into Their Trash

If you have a problem with your neighbor’s dog getting into their trash, one of the first things that you should do after calling the city and complaining about the garbage trucks leaving the trash bins open is to come up with a plan on how to keep your neighbor’s dog out of the trash.

You might think that you don’t need to do this because garbage day is not happening every day, or at least it isn’t as bad as before, but if you have a problem with your neighbor’s dog going through the trash, then you should know what you can do about it.

For example, suppose many other people in the neighborhood are concerned about their dogs getting into the garbage. In that case, this might happen more frequently than one person thinks, and many people will start complaining about it quickly.

Over the years, I have heard many stories of people having problems with their dog getting into the trash or even cats doing it. One story that comes to mind was shared by a woman who lived in an apartment complex, but her cat kept getting out and coming back covered in human food, making her sick.

A Detailed Guide on How to Keep Neighbors Dog Out of Trash

Step 1: Determine How the Problem Started

Trash can be an attractive nuisance to many dogs. If your neighbor’s dog is always trying to get into the trash, there are a few different reasons why he might do this. First, if his owner never takes out the trash or doesn’t put it up all of the ways, it may seem like an easy meal for him.

Unsecured Will Affect

Second, if there are leftover scraps in the trash that are delicious enough for him to go through the plastic bags and containers, he may be doing so out of hunger or boredom. You’ll need to know how often your neighbors empty their garbage cans before you try anything else. This step is essential because how long you leave something unattended and unsecured will affect what type of solution you use.

Step 2: Determine How Often the Neighbor Disposes of Their Trash

If your neighbor’s trash is unattended for a long time, you’ll want to find a solution that works well with this schedule. On the other hand, if they don’t have much garbage and dispose of it often enough so that there aren’t many leftovers in the trash can, you should use a different tactic. This strategy will be effective if neighbors throw away their garbage immediately after fixing dinner or running their errands.

Step 3: Natural Repellents Work

You can use a combination of different scents to dissuade your neighbor’s dog from entering his trash can. To give you an idea of what each scent smells like separately, here are some examples:  rinds and slices of citrus fruit (lemon, orange, and grapefruit); garlic powder; mothballs; vinegar, and ammonia.

Spray It Around

By mixing two or three chemicals in one plastic container or sprayer, you can create your all-purpose repellent to keep your neighbor’s dog away from the trash. Next, spray it around your property so that your yard smells the same way. This step will help in how to keep neighbors dog out of trash.

Step 4: Man-Made Fences Work

The easiest solution is for you or someone you know to build a fence around the trash can. This will keep it locked up tight by keeping him out entirely and discouraging him from approaching it. If you are considering using natural repellents more than fences, be sure to place some mothballs down around where he might go first before going too far into your yard. These smells will save you time and effort and help keep Neighbors Dog Out of Trash.

Step 5: Place Chemicals on the Can’s Lid and Around the Trash Cans Base

If you don’t have time to build a fence or if your neighbor’s dog seems too intelligent to be fooled by this solution, you should try placing chemicals on the lid. You can do so by spray painting or marker the areas where he always tries to scamper up onto the trashcan. After doing this for a while, he’ll get wise and stay away from it completely.

You can also place mothballs around his base to discourage him from approaching it. If one way doesn’t work, then move on to another until you find something that has long-lasting effects on him. However, how successful this will depend upon how often your neighbors take out their garbage and how long it stays unattended.

Step 6: Take Action if Your Neighbor’s Dog Still Keeps Scavenging for Food

If you’ve tried everything and your neighbor’s dog is still going through his trash, then it may be time to take a more drastic step. In this case, your best option is to remove the garbage can from its location entirely. How long it has been since he has been fed will affect how hard of a time he’ll have finding food elsewhere.

Remove the Garbage Can

Providing him with scraps of food is essential compared to protecting yourself, and your property should determine whether or not you leave it unattended elsewhere in the meantime. However, how successful this will depend upon how often your neighbors take out their trash and how long it stays unattended.

Step 7: Keep Trash Bags Locked Up Tightly

A final way to keep your neighbor’s dog out of the trash is to buy a locking lid for your garbage can (most higher quality cans will already come with one installed). There are also smaller cans that you can put inside larger ones to keep them locked uptight. However, how successful this will depend upon how often your neighbors take out their trash and how long it stays unattended.

Additional Tips:

– If possible, store your trash and recycle can inside of a closed garage or at least in an area where the dog cannot gain easy access to it. If the dog can gain access to it but is unsuccessful in tipping over the can, he may get discouraged after several attempts.

– Place your trash can in an area of the yard that does not have easy access to the fence. Once again, this may be more difficult if you have a giant dog, but some dogs will give up on trying to get over or under fences if they are unsuccessful several times.

– If your backyard is fenced in completely, make sure that the fencing has no weak spots where the dog can gain access. Dogs are excellent jumpers and climbers, so if there is even an inch gap between two panels, their noses will soon fit through it.


So that is everything you need to learn how to keep neighbors dog out of trash. While it can be tempting to confront the owner, that may not be the best solution. There are a few things you can do to try and keep the dog out of your trash without causing any conflict. If those fail, you may need to talk to the owner about keeping their pet under better control.

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