How to Keep Cat From Using Dog Door


How to Keep Cat From Using Dog Door

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There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a well-behaved pet. But it can be frustrating when one animal is following all the rules while another is wreaking havoc. For example, if your cat uses your dog door to get into the house, here are a few tips to help keep her out. This article will discuss how to keep cat from using dog door. Read on for more!

Cats are brilliant animals, and they quickly figure out the ins and outs of your home. For this reason, it’s essential to keep your pet door locked when you don’t want your cat using it. There are many ways to do this. This article will outline a few ways to do this effectively.

How to Keep Cat From Using Dog Door

A Detailed Guide on How to Keep Cat From Using Dog Door

Way 1: Electronic Dog Door

An electronic dog door is a very beneficial option for your pets. It’s a safe way to allow them in and out of the house without being concerned about their safety. Many dogs have been injured from going through [traditional] doors when they’re not supposed to because it has been difficult for the pet owner to keep track of them. Many benefits come with an electronic dog door, such as:

Not only is it easy for you but also your pet! Most intelligent models come with easy 3-step installation processes, which allows your entire family to work on it together. They can do this within half an hour, and in the long run, your pets won’t be able to get hurt. Furthermore, not only can an electronic dog door help keep cats from using a dog door to enter and exit the house, but it also has various types of doors for you to choose from, such as:

Several different kinds of [traditional] dog doors allow your pets to come in and out. If your pet is trying [to sneak through], tell them no! Just guide them to another kind. Once they’re familiar with the one you chose, it’ll become more accessible and easier every time without having any accidents. That’s how simple it is!

Way 2: Cat Flaps

Another way to keep cats from using a dog door is by placing a cat flap on your door. This is an effective way to let your pet in and out of the house when you’re not available. The only downside is that it can be dangerous for young or small pets who may get stuck or injured with this model.

Many people have debated whether an electronic dog door or a cat flap would be better for their pets. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so the choice depends on what kind of set-up your home currently has going on. You need to know which type of pet door will work best for them not to sneak outside while you’re gone!

Use a Dog Door

Way 3: Fitting Cover

A covering can be put on a dog door for your pets not to sneak through. No matter what they try, the cover will make it seem like there’s no gap! So even if you didn’t include any of the other options, such as an electronic door or a cat flap, this door is still helpful because most dogs and cats wouldn’t go anywhere near it. However, some may become slightly annoyed with this method and quickly ignore it altogether.

Some people think that if their pet gets used to going through a dog door, they’ll never learn how to use normal doors This is false! If you have an electronic dog door or a cat flap, it’s much easier for your pet to understand that they’re not supposed to go outside. That way, they’re definitely won’t be any accidents! There are several different doors available for you to choose from depending on what fits best in your house. It would help if you thought about all the other options before deciding which one would work best.

Way 4: Cat Deterrent Spray

If you have a stubborn kitty, a cat deterrent spray can help keep them from going near the door. This is very effective for all pet owners who would like to utilize this method to prevent their cats from using a dog door to go outside. How does it work? Spritz your [traditional] door with this before your cat knows what’s happening! Then suddenly, they’ll be gone and won’t ever want to go near that area again.

The only downside is that some pets may not respond well to this kind of spray which means it will take a bit more time for them to get used to it. Therefore, if you have a stubborn kitty, then they’ll probably continue to sneak outside, and they may even get stuck in the long run. However, this is better than having them sneak out through a pet door where you know that something terrible will happen. So it’s up to you to decide which parts of your house pose the most risk!

Use a Cat Deterrent Spray

Way 5: Spring Dog Door

If you’re a very crafty person, you can install a spring dog door yourself. This is the most challenging option of them all, for sure! That being said, it will provide the best use out of any other type of pet door because cats won’t be able to sneak through anywhere! Even if they do get in there with enough determination and motivation, they still can’t make it back outside because this kind of door closes once your pets go through.

This is the most efficient method for preventing cats from using a dog door. However, it isn’t the easiest one since you have to be very good at doing work independently. So if you’re not an experienced do-it-yourselfer, this probably won’t be the best idea.

Way 6: Train Your Cat

This might seem too easy, but you have to remember that training your pet is the only way to keep them from sneaking through a door. How does this work? This is pretty simple! Just put your cat into another room whenever you open the door. They’ll eventually get used to not being able to go out because they can’t hear you anymore, which means they won’t want to walk inside.

If this doesn’t work for you, try putting them in a carrier, so there’s no chance of them running away or slipping outside when the door opens. Of course, how much time it takes will depend on how stubborn your cat is, so be patient, so they don’t escape and cause an accident! Then, after a while, just let them be in the other room and suddenly open the door.

Remember to always keep your pets safe by preventing them from using a dog door. If you follow these ways, they’ll get used to their new spaces and won’t want to leave. Then you can go about your day without worrying about any accidents happening! It’s worth it to think about how much you’ll benefit from this idea. Just remember that training is the only way of keeping cats off of doors, so stay patient and do what’s necessary for everyone’s safety! These steps will help in how to keep cat from using dog door.

Train Your Cat and Dog

Tips and Warnings


  • Cats are curious; they are likely to use it anyway.
  • Place a two-sided sticky tape on the inside of the doggie door frame, creating an elastic connection around the entire frame. This will make your patio dog door impossible for cats to open. The cat may try climbing or jumping at it but will quickly be discouraged when they are unable to succeed.
  • Place knee high rubber boots with nails poking out of them next to your patio pet door to further prevent any cats from coming through this entrance point.
  • A good deterrent is using a motion detector that sprays water or blasts air whenever something moves by it. You can have one installed onto the dog door frame, which detects whenever there is movement.
  • If you have a dog door installed on glass doors, it is possible to replace the glass with something cats can not see through.


  • Do not install a motion detector that blasts air or sprays water whenever something moves by it if you have small children, pets, or older people around. It may cause injury and discomfort to them.
  • When installing peephole security mirror film, follow the specific instructions for the type of glass you have in your patio sliding door before applying it. Misapplying with this type of film can lead to cracking and breaking. If you do not feel confident enough, there is no shame in calling a professional with experience.
Your Patio Sliding Door

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We hope you have learned how to keep cat from using dog door. Cats are predators, which means they are equipped to hunt. Cats will use their claws and teeth to attack prey by tripping them up, holding them down with their paws, then making the kill with their sharp teeth. It’s instinctive for cats to want to capture something moving so they can “play” with it until it dies. Dogs are not predators whose primary hunting mode is pouncing on suddenly caught prey.