How to Keep Ants Out of Dog Food Container


How to Keep Ants Out of Dog Food Container

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Nothing can be worse than waking up to give your dog food and finding little ants crawling everywhere inside the food container. It is not an uncommon situation that dog foods get attack by ants a lot. If anything, the ants will attack the pet food first in your house. During a particular season, ants start to invade your home, and you need to keep things check to make sure they do not attack your foods. If you are worried about that, then we will tell you how to keep ants out of dog food container.

Learn: How to Keep Ants Out of Dog Food Container

If ants already attack the foods, then you need to check the way to remove them. But that will not be the only thing; you need to know how to keep ants out of dog food container. We will tell you a few practical ways to do that.

Keep Ants Out of Your Dog Food

Use A Strong Lidded Container
When you are storing your dog’s food, you need to make sure the pot you are keeping them in has a strong lid. The ants will only be able to get inside the pot if there are any holes in them. If the lid is strong enough to seal everything tightly, then there will be no ants inside.

Use Water Around the Container
You can put the container around water to keep ants away as ants cannot swim. For that, you need to take a box more significant than the food container. You need to fill the big container will water and make sure the water has a good depth and can cover up around the food container adequately.

Use Vaseline
To keep ants out of your dog’s food container, you can use Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly around the lid of the container. The sticky substance will capture the ants in the place and stop them from approaching inside the container.

Use Peppermint Oil
Another useful substance to use for keeping the ants away from your dog food is by using peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is known as the natural bug killer due to the strong smell it contains. The pungent smell will be able to keep the ants away from the food for the time being.

Keeping Everything Clean
There is a reason why ants might be attracted to a certain place. If there is leftover dog food around, the ants will try to get there to get their share of food. That is why you need to clean everything properly. Even double clean the plate to make sure there is no residue of leftover food.

Final Thoughts

We hope our solution will keep all the ants away from your dog food container. Lastly, we recommend checking your home for insects and using insecticide to keep ants out.

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