How to Fatten Up A Malnourished Kitten


How to Fatten Up A Malnourished Kitten

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There could be the time you may see your lovely kitten looking thin and sickly. There could be many reasons why your kitten may be losing weight despite you think you are giving them everything. But one of the prominent reasons behind their losing weight is due to malnutrition. That is why we are here to tell you how to fatten up a malnourished kitten. Keep reading ahead to know everything.

How to Fatten Up A Malnourished Kitten

Learn: How to Fatten Up A Malnourished Kitten
Only Kitten Food

Only Kitten Food

Just like human babies, your baby kitten has a diet it needs to follow. At first, they are all dependent on their mother’s milk. You should not try to give them anything else than mother’s milk. But at the same time, you have to make sure that the kitten is getting enough mother’s milk.

This is the first reason for them to be malnourished: not getting enough kitten food. Kitten food has much more nutrition and different food values than adult food. By switching them, your kitten will get malnourished quickly.

Check for Nutrition

The next thing to do in how to fatten up a malnourished kitten is to make sure that you are giving them the proper amount of nutrition they need to keep in good health.

As time goes by, if they lack nutrition, it will take a toll on their body and they will lose a lot of weight. If that happens, you need to see the food value and make a good change in their diet.

How to Fatten Up A Malnourished Kitten

Contact A Veterinarian

If you think your kitten is suffering from malnutrition, it’s always a good idea to check with a veterinarian. There could be many other problems, and a veterinarian will be able to tell you what they are. They will also be able to point out what you are doing wrong and the exact problem your kitten is facing.

They will also recommend some health-related steps that your kitten should be following. If you think the problem is in the food you are providing your kitten with, you can advise the vet to know which food would be better for the kitten to gain some weight.

How to Fatten Up A Malnourished Kitten

 Change Kitten’s Diet

There are several reasons why your kitten might be losing weight. It could be due to the diet plan they are following, or something else entirely. If you’re unsure, try making some changes to see if anything improves.

If your kitten is not benefitting from the food you provide them, despite having no sickness, this indicates that the dietary plan is not enough for them. Change the food, the timing, and everything to see if that could bring some change or not.

How to Fatten Up A Malnourished Kitten

Increase the Amount

This is related to the previous point that the dietary plan your kitten is following may not be suitable or enough for them. If the food your kitten is ideal for their health and is recommended by a vet, but yet your kitten is not gaining any weight, that could only mean that the amount is not sufficient for them. Consult your vet to see how much more you should be feeding your kitten every day.

You indeed have to give them more than they are eating or suppose to eat. But you have to be very careful. You should never overfeed the kitten to make them gain weight. That could mess with their health in the wrong way. The best is to with each meal you can make a little change in the amount you are giving the kitten. They will barely notice, and by a few days, they will be eating more than they used to and gain a little by little weight.

Change the Taste

If you notice that your cat is very reluctant to eat the food you are giving them, then it is time to bring some change to the taste. If your kitten does not like the food, they will not be able to finish everything, no matter how persistent you become. That is when you should bring some change to the taste. You can change the brand of the food you are giving them. If you are giving them homemade food, then you should try to add something else to bring a different flavor to the food and see if they like it or not. If a particular taste is right for them, they will start eating without leaving anything behind.

Bring Some Change in Environment

You may not think it in the first place, but the environment you kitten is growing in has a lot of impact on them. It can also affect their eating habit, as well. That is why you need to keep a close eye on them to see if the environment is the reason behind them not eating properly and losing weight. If that is the case, you should take them somewhere new or change the place they eat to see if their behavior changes or not.

Maintain Regularity

As for the final solution of how to fatten up a malnourished kitten, you should always remember to maintain regularity. You should never forget to feed your kitten at the right time and according to what the vet said. If your kitten keeps on missing one or two meals, they will not be able to get the right amount of nutrition they should have, and it could make them go malnourished.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how to fatten up a malnourished kitten. We hope that our tips were beneficial to you and your kitten. We also hope your kitten starts to gain weight and get over the malnourished situation to live a healthy and fulfill life.

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