How to Block Cat From Going Behind Washer and Dryer


How to Block Cat From Going Behind Washer and Dryer

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To keep your cat from going behind the washer and dryer, you must create a blockade. Cats like to crawl into small, dark spaces, so putting something in front of the appliances will prevent your cat from entering. Some Ideas for barricades are boxes, laundry baskets, or furniture. You can also use water or lemon juice spray bottles to deter your cat from going behind the appliances.

How to Block Cat From Going Behind Washer and Dryer

Ultimately, it is essential to be consistent with blocking your cat from this area. They will eventually learn not to go there if they are consistently prevented from doing so. This article will discuss how to block cat from going behind washer and dryer. Read on for more.

A Detailed Guide on How to Block Cat From Going Behind Washer and Dryer

Method 1: Using Deterrents

Deterrents are the first line of defense when trying to keep your cat away from a particular area. Deterrents, also known as “repellents” work by either moving whatever it is that attracts your cat towards whatever you don’t want them to go near. Or they try to make whatever it is that you don’t want your kitty getting into taste or smell bad. There are many products on the market but here are some common ones:

Kitty Getting Into Taste

Ssscat (TM) Automatic Spray Deterrent – The Ssscat spray deterrent detects movement up to 3 feet then emits an imperceptible odorless air for 3 seconds, telling the cat to leave.

If you need a spray deterrent and can’t seem to find it at your local store, this one is available online.

Scatman – Scatman’s not just for dogs! It’s an ultrasonic device that periodically emits a high-frequency sound that only cats can hear. Cats are repelled by this noise which puts them on edge, causing them to stay away from whatever they were doing before the sound started. This unit uses batteries, so you’re not restricted by needing an outlet nearby. And since it’s portable, put it up next to where you want kitty to steer clear of! So if your kitty loves going behind the dryer, place it there or near that area.

Use Appliances to Block

Method 2: Using Appliances

You can also use appliances to block where you don’t want your cat going. For example, the dryer is a perfect way to keep your cat from going behind the washer and dryer. Just ensure that you put it back in its proper position after using the washer and dryer, so they don’t get stuck!

If placing appliances doesn’t work, another option would be using fencing or building a custom wall around the area. Creating a custom wall will take some time, so if you want something quick, try using fences or other barrier methods until you have enough time to construct walls and such. Make sure not to use anything sharp when building any fence because this could damage your kitty’s paws and cause unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Method 3: Using Water

This method is beneficial for places where you don’t want your cat going and may require multiple spritzes throughout the day. Using an empty spray bottle, fill it with water and lemon juice or orange juice (optional). Then spritz whenever needed beneath or near whatever area you want them to avoid! This method works best if there isn’t anything nearby your cat can use as shelter from any spray of this kind.

So if they happen to jump behind something too close by, they will most likely try and stay there until the smell goes away instead of moving somewhere else. The glass cleaner is also used because some may not be pet friendly, so be careful when using it around pets or children.

Method 4: Using Fabric Softener Sheets

Using fabric softener sheets is another way to keep your cat away from specific areas. Like water, the smell will go away within a few minutes depending on how close by they are to the sheet being used. You can use this in many ways, including placing them near places you want your kitty to avoid or wrapping them around things you want your kitty to stay away from!

If wishing to use fabric sheets for multiple purposes, then buy in bulk online since usually it’s much cheaper than buying them in stores. Store any extra cloths in an air-tight container, then place them near whatever area you want kitty to steer clear of until needed.

Method 5: Using Twist Ties and Other Barrier Methods

Keep Your Cat Away

Using twist ties and other barrier methods is another way to keep your cat away from specific areas. Twist ties work great because they come in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses so that you can use them for many purposes!

You can use this method by wrapping the twist tie around the area you want your cat to stay away from or even as a way to tie things together, such as bags of kitty litter, trash bags, or any other something that might be used your cat if left open.

This works well since cats usually think bags are toys and will play with them until they get hurt or find a way inside. Once they get inside, it’s hard for them to get back out without help which can be very dangerous if it’s something harmful inside that your cat has gotten to! Using twist ties is also great because you can reuse them repeatedly until they break.

Method 6: Training Your Cat

Another way to keep your cat from going near the washer and dryer is to teach them not to. Training your kitty with a water spray bottle works best! It has been proven that cats don’t like being sprayed by water, so give a little spray whenever they get too close for comfort. Just make sure to move the detergent and dryer first. Else you’ll end up wetting yourself as well as your kitty! I tried it on myself first before going after my brother’s kitten, Samantha.

Before training, though, make sure there aren’t any loads currently running in your washer or dryer as the noise will confuse the situation. Also, never use the spray around your kitty’s eyes.

Here are some tips to help you train your cat!

* Cats learn at their own pace, so once or twice a day is fine. Just remember to keep it interesting and don’t do the same routine every time. The more fun for them, the better it will be!

* Try playing with them near where you want them to steer clear of, then end the game on that other side (the one you don’t want them to go into). This way, they’ll associate toys with not going there.    

* A treat works best but make sure it’s small.

* If your cat seemed uninterested in games or training, that’s okay too! Cats are just like us; they prefer doing what they want to what we want. They’re not obligated to follow any rules, so don’t be discouraged if you train them, and they still go there anyway. Just remember the benefits of keeping them away from the area are worth more than what they’ll get once or twice when you aren’t looking!

Spray for Cats

Method 7: Make Homemade Citrus Scent Spray for Cats

Perfume & Citrus Scent – Cats hate citrus and perfume smells which means if you spray around an area, they’re scratching, then they’ll stop because of how awful it smells! Commercial sprays are available, but here’s one homemade version:

What You’ll Need:

  • 1/2 cup water (boiled)
  • 1/2 cup witch hazel
  • 20-30 drops of citrus essential oil (orange, lemon, or grapefruit work well)
  • Yields about 1/2 cup


1. Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well (if using an orange essential oil, it may take time to dissolve).

2. Spray directly on areas where your kitty wants to scratch or anywhere you want them to avoid. You can use this as much as needed; remember that cats don’t like the citrus scent because it stings their nasal passages, unlike dogs who don’t mind (that’s because cats mostly rely on their sense of smell, unlike dogs who have more tears, so the effects are lessened).

3. Keep an eye out for any skin irritation or vomiting after spraying. If so, stop applying immediately and seek veterinary advice if necessary.

These methods will help in how to block cat from going behind washer and dryer.


I will make a new rule for Cat, which is that she needs to stay out of the laundry room. She will not be allowed in there again until we get this resolved. It’s just too much trouble when it comes to trying to stop her from getting behind these appliances and knocking them over while also preventing them from falling on top of her!

The solution might involve getting rid of one or both pieces, but I’m still thinking about what would work best for us all before making any decisions. Until then, better keep an eye on your cat if you’re in the kitchen! We hope you find this article on how to block cat from going behind washer and dryer helpful.