Applying Flea Medicine After Bath


Pet beagle depicted here was being treated with a flea and tick

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Having a dog is a huge responsibility. You need to make sure that you provide them with all the necessary things they need in their life and medication treatment is one of them. A dog’s whole body is covered in a furry coat, and it is natural that once in a while, they will be attacked with fleas. That is why we are here to tell you the ways of applying flea medicine after bath.

Having flea is not the most pleasant experience in the world. The fleas will make their skin constantly itchy, and they will start to scratch and bite here and there once they get attacked by fleas. Usually, fleas do not live on the human body, but they can jump. They can get on your skin and bite, which we are pretty sure you do not want. That is why we will suggest you take action as soon as you see one flea on your dog’s body.

Pet beagle depicted here was being treated with a flea and tick

Is It Possible to Apply for Flea Medicine After Bath?

When it comes to flea medicine, many people are unsure of when to apply it. If you’re lucky enough to have a veterinarian, they can tell you how to do it. However, not everyone is that fortunate.

Sometimes chances would be you are left with the medication without any proper instruction. But you should know better not to take any action without understanding the concept correctly. The last thing you would want is causing any harm to your beloved dog.

Many people are going to tell you to put the flea medicine right after bathing your dog, which is not correct all the time. There are different types of flea medication available, and you have to act according to the requirement of the particular medication type. Most of the flea medication is said to use after the bath but not right after. You need to get your dog get dried before you can use it. Also, some of the medication can be given before the bath or at the time of the tub. The whole situation depends on the type of medication you are using for your dog’s treatment.

Different Types of Flea Medicine

As we have just mentioned, there are different types of flea medication, and we will say some of them to you for your understanding.

After Bath Treatment

The most common type of medicine is the after bath one. The medication is usually liquid, and you need to apply it on a clean coat. That is why you need to wash your dog beforehand. Also, some medicine can wash off easily, and that is why you may not be able to bathe your dog for a few days. It is one of the reasons why you should bathe them beforehand.

Spot Medicine

There is some flea treatment that you can use on the specific spot that the fleas are situated. Usually, the fleas are mostly found around the shoulder blade and collar. You can wash off those places only and apply the flea around the area. But if the fleas start to attack other sites, the application for this medication may be a bit tough.

Flea Bathing

Some medications can be used as a dog shampoo. This is a good way to clean your dog and treat fleas at the same time. The medicine will kill or wash away many of the fleas, and your dog will get relief from the itching.

Using Flea Collar

A flea collar belt is a type of collar that you can put on your dog. It has a strong scent of medicine that will kill fleas without having to apply the medicine directly to them. This is similar to how mosquito belts work.

Oral Medication

There is a type of flea medication that you can give to your dog by mouth. This is an easy way to treat fleas, but some people don’t like using oral medication.

How Long Should I Wait Before Applying Flea Medicine After Bath?

If you are using an after-bath flea medication treatment, you may want to know how long you should be waiting to apply for the medicine. You should not apply for the medicine right after bath because the medicine may need the natural oil of your dog’s body to work correctly. During the bath, you are going to use shampoo on your dog to clean them properly. The shampoo will strip away the moisture and oil off from your dog, which is normal. This moisture and oil will come back on your dog’s body with few times. That is why you should be waiting before applying for medicine. You need to wait for at least 24 to 48 hours before applying the medication. If your dog ends up getting dirty in between the time, you can apply for the medicine a little earlier or change the type of medicine you are using.

Proper Ways of Applying Flea Medicine After Bath

As you can already tell, you need to follow some methods and rules to apply the flea medication. Before anything else, you need to learn the type of medication you are going to use on your dog. You should always be acting according to the class, not your convenience.

The medicine may not work if there is some misusage. Also, you need to be careful that your dog should not get dirty after applying for medicine. If you end up bathing them too soon, the effect of the medication may wear off. Some medicine may not go after bathing, so if anything, you should look for them.

Proper Ways of Applying Flea Medicine After Bath

Final Thoughts

That was all for applying flea medicine after bath. We hope our suggestion and knowledge will help you clear out all the confusion you have, treat the fleas off from your dog’s body, and give them the peace of mind they deserve.

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